Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tonight's Radios Show:How the Leftists do not Care About the Truth

Tonight the EVIL CONSERVATIVE and I will be talking about how the leftists do not care about the truth, and only about their agenda.

This can be applied to several different categories.
1.The borders
3.The War on Terror
4.Our education system

Please give us a listen and a call.

The call in number is 1-347-215-6246

The start time of the show is 11PM EST and it can be listened to by clicking here.

Tonight's show will be only 30 minutes.

Thank you.


Tonto said...

Unfortunately, I was unable to call through to your show. A couple things: #1. The auto companies will pay the money back. Chrysler did before, on time and with interest. I doubt if the banks will. #2. PC is generating it's own backlash. Church groups, Christian organizations and conservative groups are all coming together. Among normal people PC is a joke. #3. Illegal immigration will be a big issue soon, as kalifornikated is on the edge of bankruptcy and will be begging for a federal bailout soon...because if illegal immigration. #4. We will see a muz jihad attack on the US within a couple months of Obama taking office. Obama will bungle it and within 2 years the conservatives will own congress again. Better luck next time with the blog radio show thing.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks Tonto.
Thanks I agree with most of your points.

Christopher Logan said...

Well as we all heard there were more tech. issue with blogtalkradio. As Patrick was hearing everything that I said twice. So he had to cut me off, not to be confused.

We are going to be in touch with blogtalkradio's tech. support team tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.

Anonymous said...

It is to be hoped the tech difficulties can be ironed out over the next few weeks or so, as we are rapidly coming to a situation were we will need all the support we can get, and information, other than what amounts to state controlled media.


Christopher Logan said...

Thanks Joan, tomorrow we will be on a regular radio station, not just blog-radio. I will have the link available tomorrow.