Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Radio Show:Wednesday Night's Special Guest!!

This Wednesday I am proud to announce that Dr. Sami Alrabaa will be our live guest. Dr. Alrabaa is an ex-Muslim who is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. Before moving to Germany he taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University.

Dr. Alrabaa has just written a new book entitled "Karin in Saudi Arabia": A Look Into What Life In Saudi Arabia Is Really Like

The book details an astonishing true story of a naive young woman who was looking for love and found it in the worst place of all, Saudi Arabia. Her journey goes from loneliness to falling in love to severe persecution in the name of Islam and Islamic culture. It is a truly frightening story that must be read by all parents to help save our children from the potential dangers of marrying a Saudi.

To listen live to Dr. Alrabaa and call in with comments or questions please listen in on Wednesday January 21St at 7PM EST.
The station and the call in number are on WVOX.com

Here are some highlights.

Human rights abuse is a civilized euphemism for the barbaric ill-treatment of many innocent people in Saudi Arabia. No language in the world can fully describe the physical and mental suffering, the depths of injustice, and the inhumanity inflicted on those who are targeted for victimization.

“Men and women are only allowed to visit the museum on alternate days. Some of us call it ‘gender apartheid’, you know.

“But first I’ll have to buy you an abbaya – you know, like a bathrobe, but in black. Women really must wear it in Saudi Arabia if they don’t want to attract anger and sexual looks from men here.

Nearby I observed a Saudi woman eating her meal. Every time she ate a mouthful of food, she lifted her veil outwards with her left hand, shoved the fork in, and then dropped the veil while she chewed.

“Well, some Saudis, as well as our religious leaders, believe that a woman’s voice is a sexual organ. And, just like any other sexual organ, you don’t expose it in public. You may as well have been showing him something else.”

A place where women were raped, with great pleasure, in the name of Islam.


Tonto said...

More and more of these things about the Gulf areas are being exposed. Muslims really are living with their brains in the middle ages. that guy in the M/E that wrote on another thread cut them no slack either. He called them slavers, rapists and inbreeders....pretty powerfully too.

Anonymous said...

That's what we have to look forward to!!! That's Sharia Law--
coming to your neighborhood soon.
As I read here, there is a Sharia court in TEXAS!!!!! WAKE-UP AMERICA!!!WAKE-UP WORLD!!!!! We
can turn them back if only we hold
the line---don't worry about being Politically Correct--let's not give in to every "accommondation"
they ask for, be it loud calls to prayer that disturb the quiet of an neighborhood,foot baths,etc. id

Snarky Basterd said...

That's great. I'll be sure to tune in.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks Dr.D.

Talem said...

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