Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UK:Islamic Leader Calls for a Sharia Kingdom

Muslims in the UK have their own sharia courts, sharia banking, and sharia pensions, but that is not enough for UK Muslim leader Anjem Choudary. He is calling for his fellow Muslims to rise up to turn the UK into a sharia state.

5th January 2009

FIREBRAND mullah Anjem Choudary has made his most-bonkers rant yet – demanding Southall be named our capital.

He said the west London suburb should be the centre of power “when Islam takes over the UK”.

The lawyer, who was once the head of radical Muslim group al-Muhajiroun, made the call at a meeting of his supporters.

They cheered his every word as he called for Muslims to “rise up” and seize power in Britain.


But even they fell silent when he called for rundown Southall – an Asian-dominated area – to become the nation’s capital.

Choudary, 41, said: “We will rise up. We will rise up, my dear Mus lims. One day we will have the Sharia here. And who knows, may be even Southall can be the capital of the Islam ic state when we conquer it.”

Almost 20 per cent of locals in Southall are Muslims, while more than 75 per cent are Asian, compared with around 12 per cent classifying themselves as white.

It is also home to the Glassy Junction pub, the first bar in the UK to accept rupees.

But last night locals dismissed Choudary’s views.

Retired postal worker Jim Allen, 71, said: “I like the place, but I wouldn’t make it a capital in a million years.” Helen Jamison, 41, added: “He sounds completely barmy.”

Famous faces to have lived in Southall include DIY SOS host Nick Knowles, 45, and wind-up radio inventor Trevor Baylis, 71.

Choudary has close links to Omar Bakri Mohammed, the 50-year-old preacher banned from the UK.

Like many capitals, Southall does have its claims to fame.

Washington DC has the White House while Southall has White Street gasworks tower.

Paris has nine restaurants with three Michelin stars but Southall has Britain’s first Halal McDonald’s.

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Anonymous said...

Hey mate!! London here I love your site as we Brits are a bit muffled here.

Let me click my heels 3 times....

There is no sharia threat
There is no sharia threat
There is no sharia threat

Nope not working this is the biggest internal threat that they we have ever faced.


Anonymous said...

These people have concluded that peaceful protesting will not be enough to change society fast enough. What are their solutions?

Just do what we say and nobody gets hurt.
If you disagree with us, then we will terrorize you.
If people reject our point of view,
we will FORCE them to accept it through terror, intimidation, and violence.
If civil disobedience does not work,
and property destruction does not work,
then killing people just might.


Christopher Logan said...

It is always the same, accept Islam or else.

Thanks for you comments.

Anonymous said...

We need to baptize these guys and a vat of rendered pig fat.

Tonto said...

The Brits should reinstitute "Paki Bashing" in a new form.....call it "Muz Mugging". Not very PC, as it would mean "profiling " WOGs.....but it might help in straightening out muz thinking. Also, government thinking needs to be "adjusted" in respect to gun ownership and home protection. Is there a Brit version of the NRA (National Rifleman's Association)? Waiting for any government to do anything meaningful is a forelorn hope.

The Munz said...

This is what being politically correct and tolerant gets you.

I hope that America wakes up before it is too late.

Tonto said...

I really like the pig fat idea. Just bringing some to a muz "protest" and sprinkling it on them with a festive wave would do them a lot of good. Let them know what they been sprinkled with later would elicite a nice response.....another sprinkling! Pork soup in a squirt gun!!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Just taking a look at photos of "rage boy" protesters and their facial expressions, it strikes me these individuals are all quite psychotic.

Anonymous said...

My solution for every anti-Israel mob in the streets:

"Release the dogs!"

They'll be more scared of the dogs saliva getting on them than any dog bites.

Anonymous said...

Why dont they simply go back to Syria, Saudi Arabia, Paki, Sudan, or Kuwait and they can wallow in sharia laws?
Who wants the filth here in the western world?
Sauron would truly be a BETTER master.

Christopher Logan said...

Because their goal is to make the entire world Islamic and it does not matter to them if we like it or not.

Anonymous said...

It is time to stop mollycoddling these jihadi muslims and time to start deporting them or putting a bullet in them. They will not change. They will not make peace. They will not co-exist, unless you convert to islam, or pay the dhimmi tax (a.k.a. jizya - protection money so muslims don't kill you). They only understand one universal language. Brute force. Research Charles Martel, Ghengis Khan and Jan Sobieski for evidence.

Anonymous said...

All of these reports were not reported on main stream media such as CNN, probably since a bulk of reporters are Muslims.

But after reading these news I feel sick. I am an Indian Hindu and knows what they are capable of. The nuke program of Pakistan is designed by Pakistani scientists working in European facilities. Pakistani Scientist such as A Q Khan stole the details from their old workplaces. Now these nukes are referred as the saviour of Islam and showcased by Jihadists as common property for all the Islamic countries (Why are they separate countries?).

I, a mother of Hindu kids with U.S. passports, am really scared of the devil of Islam.