Sunday, January 18, 2009

Muslims Terrorize Muslims in Kuwait

This article was sent in by Dr. Sami Alrabba. Dr. Alrabaa is an ex-Muslim, a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. Before moving to Germany he taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University.
This article was written to help show the world the horrors that many foreign workers go through in Islamic countries, even Muslim workers. Reading this article makes one wonder how we will be treated if the world falls to Islam. Dr. Alrabaa will be our live guest on Wednesday night's radio show. Show times are posted on the upper left hand side of the site.

Muslims Terrorize Muslims in Kuwait

Sami Alrabaa
Hasina is one of over 70.000 Bangladeshi workers who are daily subject to all kinds of abuse and atrocity in the Sheikhdom of Kuwait. In addition to working from dawn to 2 a.m. she was subject to physical and sexual abuse almost daily. She had to take care of nine children, their parents and grandparents, clean for them, wash and feed the children, and cook for them. Sometimes she was moved from one house to another of relatives and friends to clean and cook. She never got one single free day. For all that work load she was supposed to get around $ 90 a month. Yet for over two years of hard work for that Kuwaiti family Hasina only received three “salaries”, that is $ 270.

Ahmad, the father of the family and his five sons, who pray five times a day, raped Hasina almost every day. One day, Hasina got pregnant and her belly became bigger and bigger. Ahmed took her to the nearest police station and accused her of committing adultery. Ahmed took with him the holy Koran and cited to the police officer the verdict which the Koran dictates in such cases. He read loudly, “The (unmarried) woman or (unmarried) man found guilty of sexual intercourse – lash each one of them with a hundred lashes.” (Surah 24, verse 2).

As Hasina wanted to tell the police officer her version of the story, she was immediately asked to “shut up”. She wanted to tell him that she was often viciously beaten and bestially raped. She wanted to show him the numerous bite marks all over her arms and back. “The police officer frowned at me and ordered me to shut up.” She later told her friend.
Hasina was often beaten by Fatima, Ahmad’s wife. She either used a thick stick or any other heavy object at hand. Fatima knew that her husband used to rape Hasina, but she could not do anything. She poured her anger and frustration on Hasina. She hated to see Hasian sharing Ahmad, her husband, in bed.
By the way, in general, Arab women have not the right to divorce. It is only the man’s right. According to the Shari’a if the husband spells out the phrase, “You’re divorced” three times, the wife is “legally” divorced. Once she is divorced, she is socially stigmatized, materially helpless, and hardly can marry again, especially if she has children. It is hell for women.
Arab men, on the other hand, brag of adultery. It is a sign of manhood and courtship.
Hasina has been behind bars for the past three months awaiting a court ruling. Most probably, she would be deported to her home country, Bangladesh. Hasina told a friend, who recently visited her in prison, “The purgatory of Bangladesh is far better than the Kuwaiti paradise.”

In short, the sadistic Kuwaiti family felt impunity to treat Hasina as NO human should be treated. She was, simply, a slave in her employer’s house.
Now, Hasina wonders how she and her family are going to survive. She, her husband, and family sold everything back home to finance the trip to the “promised land”, Kuwait. “This land, whose people brag that they are Muslims, have ruined my life and that of my children. Allah may punish them!” She told her friend with tears in her eyes.
Hasina’s ordeal is a pattern of human trafficking, i.e. slavery in the 21st century in the Middle East, in particular in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Qatar. All human rights organizations and the US State Department, for years now, have classified these countries among the worst in terms of human trafficking. Kuwait and the other Arab countries on the Persian Gulf have been urged to do something against human trafficking, but to no avail.

To add insult to injury, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Home Affairs commented on the US report of 2007, “The State of Kuwait opens its arms to those incoming workers and even provides them with all available job opportunities, unlike many other countries which combat and deport them on the grounds of fighting illegal immigration”.

Kuwait elected last May a new Parliament. Half of its members are Islamists. They support extremist Arabs in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon. Like the previous parliament, the new one debates trivial issues, gender-segregation in public places, NO music in public places, etc. Vital issues like economic development, improving the performance of local human resources are rarely debated.
Kuwait University students graduate with shallow knowledge of reading and writing. What for? Foreign cheap labor force, like Hasina, does the job. Almost in all walks of life, the ones who do the job are expatriates. The oil industry is operated by Indian and Philippine engineers. The streets are cleaned and the rubbish is collected by Bangladeshis. Lawyers employ Egyptian assistants who do the job. “Academics” plagiarize to get promoted to professors. Even columnists make writers from Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon write for them. Most journalists and editors come also from these countries.
In other words, thanks to oil, the majority of Kuwaitis are PARASITES. They get big salaries for doing nothing, they consume, and abuse foreign workers.
The question is, why is America and the West in general, not putting the same pressure on the Arab Gulf countries to combat human trafficking and abuse of foreign workers they are putting on China, Russia, and Iran for their dismal human rights records?

Is it because the victims of human trafficking are not American and not European and oil comes first?
Human trafficking is as inhumane and devastating as terrorism and nuclear ballistic programs. Thousands of innocent poor people and their families are suffering from human trafficking. It is not enough to issue reports. Deeds have got to follow. Especially the USA has got enough influence and leverage over the Arab Gulf States to force them change their inhuman migration practices.
America and Europe must stop the Gulf Arabs abusing foreign workers. The ad nausea game: scathing criticism versus “We welcome foreign workers” must stop. Declared “friendship” to America and Europe and oil supplies should not earn the Arab Gulf states immunity from removing human trafficking and abuse of human rights.

The US State Department reports on human trafficking and human rights abuse remain useless and mere rhetoric unless they are backed by action.

Human trafficking, abusing workers, and disrespect of universal human rights should not be regarded internal petty crimes. They are as severe as war crimes. The culprits must be brought to justice and the victims must be compensated by the states where they have been abused.

The war on terror should be extended to include terror in households and work places in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates. Human life is more precious than oil if we wanted to be called “civilized”.


Anonymous said...

This is very scary, I hope we are not giving this country any financial aid at all.

Perpetua said...

Hi Anonymous,
We support them by buying their oil.

Christopher Logan said...

We are hanging ourselves when we buy oil from Islamic countries.

Anonymous said...

This whole oil dependence has been a curse on us. Sometimes I wonder if it is indeed the work of satan to place such large bodies of oil in islamic countries and make the whole world dependent on these oil rich tyrants. Without the support of the petro dollars, it should be comparatively easy for us to denounce islam that creates these fiends. As it stands our free speech is muzzled, because rich muslims are able to outright purchase our media and what we get to hear.


Christopher Logan said...

That is why our new radio show was created, to get the truth out.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Islam followers are barbarians. This may not "sound" politically correct, but no one can tell me that the warring style Indians who were in America before Pilgrims arrived were civilized. They were barbaric and they were called "savages" for a reason. (Not all Indians were warring like that - but those who were warring "savages" were brutal beyond belief and scalped people, etc., etc., etc.)

This entire Islamic culture is BARBARIC. They are SAVAGES!! We cannot treat this culture like it's "equal". It's NOT EQUAL!! They have zero respect for women. They are barbarians. They advocate the murder of infidels and beheading.

They are SAVAGES.

We will not be able to "acculturate them". The Indians stopped scalping. We have no Indians in America today who plot and plan how to begin scalping people. But, trust me, these Islamic people in the USA are plotting and planning how to murder us all. It's their religion and they never acculturate. They never become truly civilized. Their religion doesn't allow for that and maintains them as savages.

I don't care if it's not politically correct. It's the truth. Islam produces savages and is an uncivilized hate group - not any religion that can be respect anymore than cannibalism as a religion - because some savages in other lands have been cannibals. These things cannot be sugarcoated or tolerated. They must be recognized for what they are and that is EVIL.

Christopher Logan said...

All I can say is that the West needs more passionate people like yourself.

Tonto said...

After repeatedly reading things like this about muslims, I can't possibly understand how any civilized human being could think for one moment how muz could be considered anything more than bestial animals. They need to be excluded from any sane society. They need to be kicked out of the USA altogether. Many times, when I lived in the Detroit area, I came into contact with obnoxious and arrogant muz that almost crossed that invisible line that would make their nads hurt. There were times when it happened anyway. Insufferable jerks!

Anonymous said...

I'm posting anonymously because unlike in the US or the rest of the West, strong words against the status quo have dire consequences here in Kuwait and yep, the internet here is censored for political content, and that includes most sites critical of Islam. In fact, I couldn't access the sidebar on this site with the link to the 160+ references to jihad in the Quaran because it is blocked. Anyhow, now to enhance and confirm your darkest fears about Arabs in generals and Kuwaitis specifically. First, Arab Muslims: I've lived in the ME for more than two years. I have spent time in Jordan, Bahrain, Turkey and a significant amount of time in both Iraq and Kuwait. In a nutshell, Muslim Arabs are the most racist people I've ever encountered. If "hate speech" were enacted in the ME, 99% of the population would be behind bars. On top of that, they are also supremacists, though the dismal conditions of their cultures and economies doesn't warrant that supremacism -- one f%cking bit.

Muslim Arabs have a perversely adolescent view of women and yes, women scare the crap out of them. Talk to any Western woman who has spent more than a week in either Kuwait, Saudi, Jordan, Bahrain or any other Arab country except maybe Lebanon and they'll fill you in with tales of constant sexual harrassment, crude remarks and endless, clumsy and uber-creepy propositions. But woe be unto you Westerner, if you even LOOK at an Arab woman with lust in your eyes -- her brothers and cousins, who think they hold sway over her private parts (and these include the wrists, ankles and just about every other piece of her anatomy) will simply flip out completely and you will most likely have to "leave town"--or else.

Arabs are also congenitally disadvantaged (a nice way of saying they're just plain dumb.) Most of them marry their cousins. This is not an exaggeration on my part -- it is a plain, simple fact. Folks don't marry for love here -- Mommy and Daddy and Sis find you a suitable bride, preferably a cousin so that the "money" stays in the family, and that's it -- you're off to the races in producing another crop of congenitally disadvantaged human beings. You see the results in the slack jaws, the mishapen faces, the failures to grasp even the most basic common sense principles. Think I'm exaggerating? Think again -- each year Kuwait, which suffers terribly from such inbreeding, hosts a major medical conference on the subject. And why not, since the country is a veritable Petri Dish of inbreeding. Crossed eyes, low foreheads, dull minds, disfigured ears-- you name it, the Kuwaitis exhibit it and bigtime. After my years of being immersed in Arab ways (right now I'm the only Westerner in a company of 500+ Arabs)I can conclude that the Middle East's biggest problems are rooted in the fact that the gene pool, especially in Gulf countries, is extremely limited. In other words, the place is most likely forever phucked.

What are Arabs, and more particularly Arab Muslims good at you ask? 4) Washing their asses 3) washing their feet 2)Reading the Quaran and praying and, first and foremost, 1) L-Y-I-N-G.

Everything here is a big, fat lie. Muslim piety -- a sick lie. Ask a question or expect a commitment to be honored and you will almost always get a nice, smiling lie. They lie to Westerners, Easterners and of course, themselves. The concept of Agreement or Contract escapes them totally. But they are quite cunning -- until you figure the game out -- then they're just pathetic.

Yes, yes I'm ranting. Now, onto the newspaper story: It is true, and made headlines here months ago when it had first come to light. It's nothing remarkable though. Come to Kuwait and you will see fat, useless Kuwaiti men, women and children ordering their Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Hindi housemaids and drivers around like slaves -- paying them shit and treating them worse. Go to any of the many American fast food joints that dot the country and watch fat, worthless and rude Kuwaiti men, women and their spawn cut into lines, abuse the help and stuff their bloated corpses with junk food. Think I'm exaggerating?--ask any Westerner whose been here whether or not I describe Kuwaitis as they are.

Now, take a drive to the Avenues Mall where you can see fat, grotesquely rich Kuwaiti men and women avail themselves of the finest Western toys and trinkets available. Rolex, you say? -- I'll take three of the tackiest and most expensive ones you have! Ferrari, you say? -- one for me and my useless, inbred son!! A new $600 IPhone? -- Hamdullah, I'll take ten!!

On and on it goes, as anyone whose ever been here can tell you. And guess what suckers, YOU are paying for the whole, sick show every time you stick that nozzle in your gas tank. . .

In a nutshell, Kuwaitis are the rudest, dumbest and least generous people I've ever spent time amongst. They are unfriendly, spoiled and think every non-Kuwaiti is far beneath them. And on top of that, they are hyper-antisemitic (like all Arabs) and hyper-racist. As an American here though, I get a certain amount of respect since they haven't yet completely forgotten the fact that my country (unfortunately) saved them from an extended period of servitude under the boot of their fellow Arab, Saddam Hussein.And it's a shame we saved 'em from what they really deserve --nothing except what they had before Westerners found them oil; the desert, camels and that stultifying, destructive ideology called Islam.

Come here and see for yourselves.

I came here out of curiosity to learn about Arab culture and to make a few bucks too. I will leave here in a few months and will NEVER come back. All in all, what did I learn about Arabs and Arab culture? One sentence sums it up:

The Middle East is the only place I've ever lived where the longer I spent there, the more respect I lost for the people and their culture. You don't want what I've seen and experienced coming to America's shores. God forbid if it ever does -- goodbye freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, economic freedom and the freedom to love who you want, when you want to.

Oh, BTW here's today's headline in the Kuwaiti Times: "VICTORY! 512(?) CHILDREN KILLED!"

The Munz said...

This is what they do to each other in the religion of peace after they have established superiority. Fact. Unfortunately it is not very unique it is the norm.

Anonymous said...

In Islam, a women is allowed to divorce. The same standards for male and female..I have a Muslim friend.

of course, this still is very bad. the leaders of all the muslim contries are corrupt.

Perpetua said...

Hi Anonymous,

The rules for divorce for men and women differ in Islam.

Under some interpretations of Islamic law, a woman needs the blessing of a scholar of Islamic jurisprudence to be divorced, while a man can simply say three times that he is divorcing his wife.

See here.

Anonymous said...

Women cannot demand divorce in Islam, says JI Sindh chief

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
By our correspondent


Women have not been given the right to demand divorce in Islam; it is only the right of men to divorce women, Jamaat-e-Islami Sindh Amir Asadullah Bhutto said. He disagreed with recommendations made by the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and said that these were against the Qura’an and Sunnah. He also lambasted the media, claiming it was preaching obscenity.

Please don't try and whitewash Islam.

Anonymous said...

If women can ask for a divorce or not is not the issue. Islam itself is the threat.

Deep said...

Muslims are trash. Throw them under the deep occean. They can't treat their women equal,how can we ask for love and harmony with other religion people. Especially they are behind US's fundamentals of democracy and liberty since they know if we spread our agenda, they will be vanished. Bush did right be attacking afghanistan and Iraq. I wish we did same with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. But I am sure that once after the implementation of new energy policies of Obama we will be able to achieve this too and will bring all the wealth back we spent on buying their dirt. Amen

Perpetua said...

I also very much support Obama's energy policies. And was amazed to hear in his speech these words:

"Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred."

and further in:
"To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect. To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society’s ills on the West - know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy. To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist."

Deep said...

Yes, More than right and left, we are all Americans and will stand firm before the evil. American foreign poliies are designed above politics.

Anonymous said...

Hi. we would like to know which radio station was this aired and and when was it exactly. we are from Kuwait and would like to know some details. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by the success that so called Sami AlRabba has earned. He was successful to enter Kuwait and then to saudi Arabia. He must be laughing at those administrators who gave him the job. He now introduce himself as ex-Muslim, not silent about who he really is now, a Zionist Jew? Among many other tricks, Jews are well known for their treachorous character and cheating. He is not an ex-Muslim. He actually cheated Muslim by claiming being Muslim so that he could enter those countries and live there for years to spy and learn about them. He did it well and now he is doing his work, as a Zionist Jew, it is expected of him. In the 10th century, two Jews pretended to the Muslim sufi and living in a tent for months. They were caught later. There are many incidence like that. Sami is one of those Jewish character. He cheated Muslims, but he is not 100% successful in it. His conspiracy will not success for Zionism.

WhyAreWeHere said...

Men in middle east just think of only sex when they see the women whereas it is only 10-20% of the whole relationship. Unless a religious revolution takes place it is difficult to change the spoiled culture here. Divorce rate is the highest here. In a nation (tiny) of 1.5 million native population there are 90000 divorced women with children. God gives wealth as a test. Most men in middle east have failed in this test. Wasting the time is another big sin people do here. Many people will go to Jahannam just bcos they wasted their time and wealth in this life. Women are equally bad wearing the black dress.
Humans have the unique feature to think and then act. Intelligence of men is boon as long as it is used properly. The same can become a problem like HIV, Nuclear Bombs, Terrorism, Climatic Effect etc. This feature should be governed by some universal laws which is called religion. Man is losing the power to think due to he is neglecting His Creator and inventing false religions.

Anonymous said...

although I am toooooooo late, but this is for future readers, what the anonymous said is 1000% true, kuwaitis are the wosrt people I have seen, they are simply parasites, I lived here most of my life but I am getting the hell out before 2013,I am going to anyplace that isn't here, there is zero freedom here, and people are trash. fuck this shithole, the most arrogant people I have ever seen, they want to sleep at home and have money without working and fuck from the rear, and the idiots think that if a woman have anul sex she is still a virgin, fuck this shithole I am out of here for good

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