Monday, January 5, 2009

American Muslims, no Different From the Rest

By Christopher Logan

Over the years many of us have heard over and over again that American Muslims are different from Muslims everywhere else. For years I have been saying that this is not true. Now it is clear that they are just like Muslims anywhere else.

Back in 2006 over 1,000 of them had come out to protest the cartoons of Mohammad in front of the Danish consulate in NYC.

In July of 2006 over 3000 Muslims in America came out in support of the Hezbollah terrorist group over the Israel-Lebanon war. They were cheering for the repeated calls of the destruction of Israel.

Just over a week ago Israel decided that they have had enough of the daily rocket attacks on Israel and began to retaliate against Hamas. As the rockets were flying into Israel all year, I did not see one Muslim protest against the attacks on Israel. Recently American Muslims have come out in several states here in America to protest against Israel and it is getting ugly.

This is a video of the protest in San Francisco. At 1:45 we see Muslims trying to physically attack the Jewish protesters.

Thousands of American Muslims rallied against Israel at Dallas' Dealy Plaza.
Some protesters called for the death of Israel.

This is a video from Fort Lauderdale Florida. At 3:20 a Muslim tells Jews that the need to "Go back in the oven". As usual Muslims have no problem trying to intimidate those that do not agree with them.

The hatred of Jews that comes from the Islamic world goes way beyond the Israel-Palestine conflict, it stems from Islam itself. Here Ohio Muslim preacher Salah Sultan gives a TV interview in Egypt and explains how Mohammad demands that Muslims fight and kill the Jews.

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace

Obviously American Muslims think that is important enough to come out in support of Islamic terrorist groups and protest against the freedom of expression (the cartoon protests). But they will not hit the streets in protest against the worldwide Islamic terrorist attacks nor will they protest against the worldwide push for sharia law.

It is very clear that American Muslims are going to give us the same headaches that the Islamic community is causing in Europe. It is time for all of us to demand that our government puts an end to all Muslim immigration.


The Munz said...

I know i have said it before and I hate to sound redundant so please forgive me. But we need to reopen internment camps. We are at war.

I have no problem with freedom of religion. But when that religion has declared war on the Country and her people then we must treat it as such.

If people do not agree with the issue of terrorism and are of Muslim faith then they need to become MUCH more vocal about it and understand why this needs to be done.

We had the camps in WWII for German, Japanese and Italians among others because they may have been sleeper cells or traitors. Why are we not doing it now when we KNOW that there are people who are advocating the over throw of our government and constitution??

Anonymous said...

We must end Muslim immigration, make sharia law illegal and then arrest or deport anyone who calls for shaira.

Anonymous said...

i think both jews and muslims should get the hell out of the states and protest each other else where

Tonto said...

During the 70s (and since) there was a big influx of arabs into what we now call Dearbornistan, Michigan. The personality of the community there did make a marked change. I would have political discussions with guys at work and the "moderate" guys became much more guarded about what they said and who they said it to or in front of. It's like a cloud of fear seeped into that community. I've a feeling that it's like that all over...a form of nasty peer pressure. I still feel that many muz are actually closer to Christian than they would care to admit....actually much closer than to muz. They really don't like what some are doing in the name of islam (which really IS islam). I think that if the truth were to be told, that most muslims don't really understand what islam is and how they are being manipulated by the movers and shakers in the radical muz movement. Palestinians have a real crappy attitude to start with, and their arrogance has earned them some butt whippings, so now they always hang in groups and only mess with loners. Oh yeah, I've had run-ins with some, so I know. I always make a point to "pick one" and that's the guy I concentrate on. No matter what happens, that's the one going to that hospital with me.

Anonymous said...

Islam defiles the ground it touches, wherever in the world that might be. It is a sickness on the world. It is against all that is modern and civilized.

Kasch said...

Americans seem to be scared of immigration of the Muslims.. but this is not new.. see Jewish Immigration:

widespread jewish immigration fears:

accept your huddled masses.. all immigrants changed american society one way or another.. for the better... now do you believe it is for the better...

or are you a racist!

plus the emotional outbursts are one of the reasons why these protests are useless... there will be no policy change...

Christopher Logan said...

Americans see the problems that Muslim immigration brings to the West and we do not need it here.

Do not compare Jewish immigration to Muslim immigration. Jews are not looking to impose a set of barbaric laws on the world. Muslim immigration does not change the West for the better and we do not have to accept it.

Islam is not a race.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jihadist Mohammedian,

IF we desire to be racist as you muzzies have always lives, THAN IT IS OUR BUSINESS AND OUR CHOICE SO DEAL WITH IT!

The founding fathers of America, the signers of the Dec of Ind., and the 1st Continental Congress NEVER intended to ever allow muzzies as yourselves to foul and soil our beloved land of freedom and stronghold of Christianity with your ilk.

Do you realize it was barely 60 years previous you islamic hordes were turned back at the gates of Vienna so the people of the new world here obviously would not allow any of you here.

The new world could had been the last bastion of freedom had Europe fell so dont think for a second you muslims are as any other group of immigrants.

Muzzies are NOT immigrants, but usurpers, terrorists, jihadists, and extortioners of welfare benefits.

America is basically a stepchild of Europe and we have NO ROOM for the minds of 7th century zombies!

Deal with that reality.

Hungarian Crusader-1453

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say 1 item.

The tolerant should never tolerate the INTOLERANT.

This is the situation in England today.

When will the British Army initiate a coup?

What else has to happen to save the nation from the blackness of islam?

London may be the next Beirut for the 21st century.

Hungarian Crusader

Christopher Logan said...

Hungarian Crusader,
Thanks for the comments and please keep us updated on the situation in Europe.

Kasch said...

Hungarian Crusader ..
calm down...
reality is when we lost in Vienna, Muslim stayed back being occupied by many imperialist powers, kept us down.. after the humanist movement.. Europe and America felt sorry ... opened up borders (and created Israel b/c of Jewish oppression in Europe) ... and we did not have to win battles... immigration increased ... the Powers, Rights gained by immigrating is FAR better than if we had won VIENNA ... a supposed loss .. but a clear VICTORY... we can now disseminate the message of Islam.. Submission of will and desire to the Lord of the Land..

so Submit to the Creator, only through Submission will you get PEACE ... when you pledge loyalty and Love to Allah alone ... you would die to see his religion spread through out Earth, every where. Shariah and more...

any questions on the religion ... we do not desire to take over governments but to peace disseminate our religion ...

Freedom through Submission!

Anonymous said...

American Muslims who said they were different in the first place.

Anonymous said...

There is little freedom under sharia what a misleading comment.

Vladimir Val said...

Palestine is free to be a tolerant country and make a better life for their children. They have decided to put their energy into shooting rockets at innocent Israelis civilians instead. They hate the Jews so much that they teach their children to aspire to blow them selves up as suicide bombers. A hate so strong can not be extinguished with negotiations.

Christopher Logan said...

I have always said basically the same thing. They do nothing to better their lives and only have destruction on their minds. If they were smart they would work with the Jews to better their lives. When the Jews gave up Gaza they left flourishing greenhouses behind, the Palestinians even destroyed those.

Winged Hussar 1683 said...

It is not fair to assume that all American Muslims behave like the vermin, scum, and bipedal cockroaches that threatened the Jewish protesters, praised Hezbollah, and so on, just as it is not fair to assume that the Ku Klux Klan represents all Caucasians (or that all Black people behave like Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton).

What we saw were the absolute dregs of "Muslim" society, and that is how they should be treated, but the majority of American Muslims are well-educated and productive citizens. We need to make a clear distinction between them.

Anonymous said...

muj driver stated: "Europe and America felt sorry ... opened up borders (and created Israel b/c of Jewish oppression in Europe)"

Moron . . .the Jews were in Europe because they were forced from their centuries-long established ME homelands by barbaric thieving Muhammedan hoards.

Am Yisrael Chai! Lan Astaslem!

Steve Harkonnen said...

This only further proves that the fruit isn't far from the tree. Still, to this day, I view all Muslims with caution.

I second the motion on your top poster here, Munz. We need to reopen internment camps for all Muslims so that all of us can live comfortably.

Not bigoted - just being safe. If any American Muslims don't like what I am saying, remember, it's a free country and I can say whatever the hell I want. If you don't like it, leave America and move back to your point of origin...either the Middle East or your mother's ass.

Anonymous said...

Winged Hussar their education means nothing. Teachers and doctors were suicide bombers in the UK. I do not want anymore of them coming here either.

Anonymous said...

logan, the "american muslims" (who are "muslim americans" too, u know?)are expressing a point of view just as "christian americans" do when they picket abortionists' houses in the deep midwest. or "srilankan buddhists" do as they condemn all tamils, or vice versa, or the hutu looking down on the tutsi.
it is not a neatly packaged "radical islam" answer that explains all the hatred. stop blaming the other, and think with some insight.
and lastly, have u seen the images of hospitals in gaza, overflowing with bodies, of children stashed in refrigerators because there is nowhere to bury them or keep the bodies? its another of the natural consequences of war, "collateral damage" if u will, but when are "american responsibles" (as opposed to "american muslims/jews/christians/hindus/buddhists) going to sit up and say enuff is enuff?

Christopher Logan said...

Getting violent and telling Jews to go back into the oven is a lot more than expressing their views. The hatred from Jews stems from Islam itself and Islamic scholars have said the same. The Palestinians voted in Hamas and they did not even attempt to stop the rocket attacks on Israel. Unfortunately they have brought this upon themselves.

Anonymous said...

For nirvana demon

The bodies pilling up in Gaza are, for the most part, the bodies of murderers. Likewise, the innocents caught up in the fighting are dead because said murderers are also cowards, and hide amongst their women and children. And in todays world, the number of people mamed, raped, enslaved, and murdered in the name of islam on a bad DAY out does the barbarism committed in the name of Christianity and Judasim in a decade. That you espouse such ignorant filth is shameful, not that you are capable of understanding the concept of "shame".

Dhivehi Resistance said...

Islam is Islam wherever it goes.
The Koran, Hadith books and Sira need to be X-rated just like Hustler magazine unless they edit them...

Anonymous said...

May be when all the talk was about the form of concentration camps in the USA, they have them ready for all the hatefull people of Islam. So many of our youth are so ignorent. Hamas who is supported and financed by Iran, who is screaming for the destruction of Israel and the USA and they are screaming that they will not rest before the whole world is converted to Islam. All of us should be demonstrating for Israel.
If Hamas would stop sending the rockets into Israel, Israel will stop the bombing. If Israel had not made their bomb shelters can you imagine how many Israeli people would have been killed.
Is Hamas trying to protect their people, NO, they don't care, this are just a bunch of tugs who strive on this type of violence, they have nothing else they strive for in life.
Becoming a martyr is wonderful. Like one Iman said, you Christians are celebrating life while we are celebrating death. How can you reason with people who have that attitude.
In Iran 70.000 people have signed up to become suicide bombers.
Put them all in camps and lets have peace in our nation. Are we unable to do this because of OIL?
Are we being held hostage by the Islam nations because of oil? That is sickening. I lived for 2 years in a Muslim country and I for sure as a woman would not like to live like that. Nor do I want my granddaughters in the future have to live like that if we let these cruel, hateful spitting people take over. When they want to live like that, than let them do it in their own country in the Middle East and leave the rest of the world in peace. They have put the whole world up side down and it is time that all nations put a stop to this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that amazing post!

Anonymous said...

Mujahdeen Driver,

The changes for the govt WILL occur and they will be held accountable for the masses of imported terrorists they brought into our lands.
WE never wanted muslims, but this was the govts decision and they never asked us but it will stop in time.
Again, America is a European nation and not islamic and will never have a place for muslims.
Your place is in the middle east and look at what you people have done to it for 14 centuries.
WE dont want that to happen to our beautiful countries.
Lastly, I submit to God and NOT a pagan, desert god from Arabia.
My God is in the Heavans above and we dont look in the underground wells as you muslims do in Iran.
Guess who is underground?
HINT....starts with a D, or an S, or an L.

Anonymous said...

these are the same people that were dancing & cheering in the streets when our twin towers went down & over 3000 people died.these are the same people that cheer in the streets when untold numbers Jews are killed in the streets by missiles that are sent to Israel by them.these are the same people that kill people all over the world for being Christians.I can not think of any country in the world that has not suffered by having them there.

Anonymous said... more proof

Christopher Logan said...

Muslim immigration just brings in too much trouble it is not worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to be bigoted as we are! We can hate everyone. I think we need to have strict tests as to who we let into America. Further, all those with whom I do not agree, let them be deported.

As new immigrants, our forefathers did not assumilate but destroyed the Native Americans -- so we know how it is to destroy and we will not be destroyed by new immigrants like our forefathers!! Truly, Americans are no different from the Rest.

Anonymous said...

I do not consider fighting an Islamic takeover to be bigoted.

Anonymous said...

There, There...
We need not get all worked up about Americans being bigots. If you are a True Muslim, you are by nature a bigot. If you are a True muslim, you are directed to want ALL infidels dead. There is NO middle ground. Study your American History! The very first time Young America sent it's Navy to fight it was against Muslim Pirates off the coast of Libya. So, in essence, we have been fighting islam since our country was born. I agree, islam is not a nationality, but, many different groups. But, I fall back on the term "True" muslim.
For informational purposes, Hamas was not elected, but, instead took over the Gaza area in a Coup last year. They are not well liked, by anyone. Look at all the Muslim nations that have condemned thier actions: Egypt, Saudi, Syria, Jordan, ect., all but Iran. Iran does call for the destruction of Isreal, but, not of America. Sure, he blows smoke, but, he can't live without our handouts and yes we do give money to Iran, it's not near the 8 Billion we give annually to Egypt, but, it's a handsome sum. If the muslim world was so concerned about Hamas, why are they not lobbing rockets at the Jews?
As far as the muslim countries and communities in the World I've seen and I've seen many, they are run down, trashy and stink. That is what they have done to France and England both. They have trashed areas of every country they have migrated to. Side note: They are lazy and they smell bad, really, it's the truth and why can't we speak the truth, they do!
Oh yeah, Once a muslim, always a muslim. Just like Obama said in his book, When the trouble starts he will always side with the muslims. Sorry.
About those camps, again, study up. They are already built, but, not necessarily for the muslims. They are strategically placed throughout the US and can be used for those of us who dissagree. Look it up!
Muz driver is right. They have thousands of years to get it done and for the most part it occurs slowly so it's more accepted, slick, just inching along. There is an article called America Sleeps, and it details all that has happened to date and it shows how we have slept (accepted).
The Twin Towers was not the first and will not be the last. Hamas is just a distraction and it's working.
Wake up America!
Bangkok Doc

Christopher Logan said...

Bangkok Doc,
Welcome to the site and thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Mujahdeen Driver said,

any questions on the religion ... we do not desire to take over governments but to peace disseminate our religion ...

Listen how about you stop trying to bs us? It is clear what the Islamic agenda is. Then on top of it you say we should just accept it. Well my message to you is NO and stop thinking that we are morons and cannot see past your bs.

Anonymous said...

the drastic measures of internment camps are not called for yet, but if we keep allowing muslim immigration, they will be.

i don't see ANY politicians calling for end to immigration either.

we can't keep letting more people in. we cannot have 6 billion people living here. we will be ruined long before that. we need to deport the illegal immigrants before we ever think about reopenning immigration.

i agree with most of you about islam. it is a lifestyle with an endgame that destroys liberty, freedom of religion, and democracy in general. thru violent means as a matter of faith.

you can't argue intellectual logic with someone who believes murder is sanctioned by god. you can't even argue emotion based logic with them.

i was unaware of american muslims being violent cells though. i have yet to hear anything in news other than them suing business owners for religious discrmination and taking thousands of dollars.

these are peasants from other countries milking the litigous legal system of crooked lawyers. they are getting something for nothing. out of poverty to live in USA and get a free couple hundred grand. that's better than a public education and welfare that citizens get for free.

tony said...

I live In England.Polish extraction.Catholic.
Being anti-Israeli Aggression & Occupation doesnt mean your have to be either anti-Semitic OR a Muslim.
Go Figure.

Christopher Logan said...

Only problem with that Tony is that Hamas were the aggressors. You should read the Hamas charter and also learn how the conflict stems from Islam itself.


Anonymous said...


I expect you would agree that forcibly removing people from their homeland is a form of agreement.

So is blocking all access to their exiled state, including food and medical supplies, so that they have to be smuggled in via dangerous underground tunnels.

If you have a look at some photos of the Gaza Strip today you would wonder why more residents don't join Hamas and become suicide bombers. They have nothing to lose and must be full of fury. They have my utmost sympathy.

Anonymous said...

It's silly to claim these protesters got mad because they were Muslims.

Look at what took place when a woman with a cross walks into a bunch of gay protesters.
Gay Rights Protest
Gay Rights Protest 2

None of these people are Muslim, but boy are they ticked off.

Keep in mind these people don't have family members getting blown away, and they're a heck of a lot more ticked off than the Palestinians

Jewish author Norman Finkelstein on what's going on in Gaza.

Video of Norman Finkelstein

Christopher Logan said...

Right after Israel was formed they were attacked by their neighbors. Israel won the war and extended their borders. The Palestinians voted in Hamas and did nothing to stop the rocket attacks on Israel, they have made their bed. I do not buy into the constant the Muslims are the victims nonsense. If they wanted peace they would work with the Jews to better their lives. It is very telling that you do not say a word about the Muslims on these videos.

They are Muslims calling for the death of Jews, but according to you it has nothing to do with them being Muslims. No one said that other people do not get angry, but...and there is no other way to say this but your comment is just foolish.

Anonymous said...

I get really upset when people who aren't Muslim make claims as to what 'all Muslims' believe. Have you really polled all 1 billion Muslims in the world and gotten thier views? Seriously?

Come talk to me, because I am in agreement with the following verse from the Quran: "If you save one life, you have saved all of humanity; if you take one life, you take all of humanity."

So, when those who post on this forum say something like all Muslims want us dead, think about what you are saying. It's dangerous and irresponsible.

Christopher Logan said...

No one said it was all Muslims and it does not have to be, as not all Germans were not Nazis either. But that did not really matter did it?
We see how Muslims are calling for sharia, we see how they are voting terrorist groups into office.

Of course you leave out the part where Muslims can kill someone for for spreading "mischief" in the land. Mischief can be anything a Muslim says that it is. I do not see anyone saying that all Muslims want non-Muslims dead. Violence is only part of the problem that Islam brings to the world, as political Islam is even more dangerous to non-Muslims.

The truth is that talking to you does not diminish the threat at all. It is very telling that you do not say one word about the actions of the Muslims in these videos. People falling for your smoke screen is what is dangerous and irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Racist bastards.

Anonymous said...

A couple times in history Islam has expanded itself into unwelcome territory.
And Islam has had her ass kicked before, almost into oblivion at least one of those times.
Islam thinks she is great and powerful, but she is nothing but a maggot eating the dung of this world and when she gets too far out of hand again she will face the same consequences she faced before.

Only when Muslims comprehend the fact that the world does not accept Islamic violence or their pathetic attempts to control this world will there be any hope for Islam to coexist in any semblance of peace.

We in America who believe in freedom and peace will do whatever it takes to keep our country free and peaceable.
WHATEVER it takes.

Islam hear us now. Find a way to control yourselves or the next wars you cause may be Islams last.
The world has just about had its fill of Islamic violence. said...

Well, I don't actually consider this is likely to have success. said...

Oh my god, there is really much worthwhile data in this post!