Monday, January 5, 2009

Sony to Promote Al Jazeera Propaganda

Sony one of the worlds largest electronic companies has teamed up with the Islamic propaganda giant of the world Al Jazeera. Now Sony cellphone owners in the Middle East and North Africa can have the news feed from Al Jazeera pre-installed on their phones.

The Al Jazeera Network and Sony Ericsson have announced a new partnership that will bring the world’s top stories straight to mobile phones.

Several Sony Ericsson handheld devices on the market today in the MENA region will have an Al Jazeera RSS feed already installed. Owners of the devices have the option of receiving daily international news updates straight from the Al Jazeera Network, through the RSS feed in both Arabic and English.

Al Jazeera RSS feed links are now built in the software of the
following Sony Ericsson models: W910, G502, W760, and W980.

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Anonymous said...


We can either get propaganda from the Jews or from the Arabs.

Are there still any Western news outlets left???

Christopher Logan said...

It seems that the Muslims are buying them all up.

Karmasura said...

Aah.. for the lure of petro-dollars.. the Japs too have bowed down to the Hordes..

And thanks for coming over to my 'freshest' blog. It is for such political discussions only. I was flabbergasted when I found that such a mighty blogger as you visited a lowly blog as mine and left that comment.

Christopher Logan said...

Thank you, we are all in this together.