Saturday, January 24, 2009

Austria:Politician Convicted for "Humiliating" Islam

Some European governments are doing their best to usher in the blasphemy laws of sharia. Just days ago we saw a Dutch Court rule that politician Gert Wilders should be prosecuted on charges of inciting racial hatred because of his criticism of Islam. (I am still waiting to be told what race Islam is.) Now Austria has convicted a politician for humiliating Islam by speaking out against the ideology. The clock on Europe as we know it is ticking quickly.

Austrian far-right legislator convicted of anti-Muslim incitement
Vienna - Austrian far-right parliamentarian Susanne Winter was convicted Thursday of incitement because of her anti-Muslim statements, including the claim that Islam's prophet Mohammed was a paedophile. A court in Winter's home town of Graz also found the 51-year-old politician guilty of humiliating a religion. She was sentenced to a fine of 24,000 euros (31,000 dollars) euros and a suspended prison term of three months, Austrian news agency APA reported.

The politician, who took a seat in parliament last fall for the Freedom Party (FPOe), made the anti-Islamic remarks in January 2008.

She also proposed in a discussion with students that Muslim men should commit bestiality rather than making "indecent advances" on girls.

The politician had pleaded innocent Thursday, claiming that she "did not want to insult anyone, but only to point out problems."

The verdict is not yet legally binding.

Winter's son Michael, a former youth leader in the Freedom Party, was convicted of the same crime last October. He had suggested in a newsletter that Turkish Muslims were in the habit of committing bestiality.

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Bob said...
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Winged Hussar 1683 said...

No surprise coming from the same country that gave us Adolf Hitler.

Some people say that the Anschluss was rape, but when the woman moans in ecstasy the way a good part of Austria did, there is a good chance that it was consensual. This latest article suggests the latter.

Anonymous said...

Why is Allah so sensitive when the other Gods are not? Seems odd.

Unknown said...

I am sorry, what!? ex-Muslim scholars have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that mohammed was a pedophile. Having sex with a 9 year old does that.

Regardless of muslim's claim that it was acceptable at the time, it is still pedophilia.

What the hell are they thinking over there, this is pathetic. Europe never ceases to amaze me with it's level of pathetic and spineless BS.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Yeah, so they prosecute people for speaking against Christianity, right?? And against Jews??

Oh... if they did THAT... guess there'd be a LOT of arrests of MUSLIMS.

Geert Wilders is a hero.

I just learned of him and his cause.

Anonymous said...

"He had suggested in a newsletter that Turkish Muslims were in the habit of committing bestiality"

Oh, now that's just downright silly. Everyone knows that's "The Persian Vice."

Besides, everyone also knows that no devout Muslim would do anything that was forbidden by his "religion"