Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Toronto:Muslim Attacks a Reporter~Video

As the pro-Hamas
rallies continue across North America,
so does the violence. This time a Muslim in Toronto hit a reporter for asking him about his comment of "Hitler not doing a good enough job".

Hat tip to LiveLeak

In Cleveland Ohio an American Muslim says that Hamas is a social organization and tells us that America should give Hamas smart bombs to attack Israel with.


Tonto said...

Wadda ya expect from a leftist country that's ALMOST as stupid as Kaliforn-uped. Their time will come. Just wingnuts excercising their rights. More living proof that we have foiled the purpose of natural selection.

Son Of Jor-El said...

Gee what a total mindblower, a muslim attacking a non-muslim over a statement regarding infidels. The religion of peace, ladies and gentlemen. Give this pigfucker jihadi a hand. Or the finger.

benning said...

Wow! Almost a surprise, that last vid. A Leftie Moonbat opining on fantasy!

I linked to you! Just had to!

Anonymous said...

That guy is a total what job, but what is almost worse, is the Ohio State Univ professor interviewed at the same time.

Tonto said...

I woke up this morning thinking about all this brew-ha with Gaza. I become enraged when I think about the temerity of repressed, backward and savage, scumbag muz with a stated agenda to convert me to islam or kill me. That puts me and mine in the same catagory as the Jews. After them, we're next. I think, understandably, that I don't like this goal they have. It really makes me mad. The fact that mainstream America seems to be blissfully unaware of these muzbag intentions really irks me as well. The dumbass Americans have bought the "religion of peace" and poor oppressed muzleem BS and gone back to sleep. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama's crew will duplicate Jimmy Carter's and Clinton's legacy of budget cuts etc for the military, DOD and our spy outfits and undo the rebuilding of those agencies that Bush had to go through. Jimmy Carter especially did irrepairable damage to America with his housing bill he signed, and when Clinton (who was more worried about his "needs" than his job) who gave the housing bill added strength, and managed to destroy the strongest economy the world ever saw. Budget cuts in military, DOD and spy outfits, especially Homeland Security (and it's coming) will really "set us up"....but that's the libtard MO. Expect a muzbag attack in the US within 6 months or less of "The One" taking office.

Anonymous said...

Tonto... Jimmy Carter is STILL doing us damage!

Anonymous said...

The disaster that the Ohioan talks about in the 40's was the division of ancient Palestine. The way it appear's to me from maps of that time, the Arabs got a good 75%
& the Jews 25% but they settled.
Okay the Jews said 25%, we're happy.
The Arabs created Trans-Jorden(now Jorden) out of the rest of Palestine. A long way to say,THERE IS AN ARAB/MUSLIM PALESTINE----iT'S CALLED JORDEN........AND
But of course what they ultimately
want is all of it.Hamas makes no bones about it.Talk to Hamas the idiot whoopps, man says. The guy needs help with is cognative abilities. id
PS Heard your radio show, Chris--was an awsome beginning!! You just keep getting the message out!!

Anonymous said...

ID the man is a pathetic lefty.

Anonymous said...

Chris, have you read this artical about Hamas?

Hamas has voted quietly to implement Islamic law in the Gaza Strip, including crucifixion of Christians


Christopher Logan said...

Thanks, I remember when they won the election, they had said that there would be no sharia.