Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kosovo:Suicide Bomber Arrested

Back in late September I had posted about how Muslims in Kosovo were starting to speak up about people leaving Islam and against any new Churches being built there. I had also mentioned how writer Michael Totten continually tries to sell us his Kosovo is "moderate" Islam fantasy. Besides three of the Fort Dix plotters being from there, now we have an Islamic suicide bomber being arrested in Kosovo. Is this all part "moderate" Islam?

Kosovo Albanian with suicide vest arrested
February 16, 2009
A Kosovo Albanian from the city of Kacanik has been arrested in a cafe in the southern village of Strpce in Serbia’s province of Kosovo report police spokesman Arber Beka.

The arrested Albanian wore a suicide vest loaded with explosives.

He was arrested in the cafe called Kvatro around 8:00 pm today. Police and NATO troops have surrounded the perimeter and are investigating.

The arrest came after a cafe patron spotted that one of the three Albanians who just walked into the cafe had wires under his jacket.

The police was immediately called in and after a search, the police found explosive in a suicide vest on the body of Arben Husi, one of the 3 ethnic Albanians who came into the cafe.

In addition to the explosives, the police found a grenade and a Kalashnikov.

The witnesses say that one of the Albanians ran out of the cafe, while the second one was held on. After the search, the police tied Husi up to the chair and then took him to the police station.

It is not clear whether Husi planned to commit a suicide bombing or to just plant the explosive inside the cafe and activate it after.

Kosovo Albanians are overwhelmingly Muslim and radical Islam is on the increase ever since the Western states have been insisting that the Serbian province is independent.

Strpce is located just under the slopes of the Sar mountains and is populated by Serbs.

Few weeks ago, 2 Albanians stabbed a Serb from Strpce in a chest.

February 16, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Why o why are these stories not carried by CNN BBC and other MSM ?
This is pro islamist propaganda by omission and someone should take them to task about it !

Anonymous said...

Because they would not want to "offend" the Muslims who sit silently as these actions occur. Because not offending anyone is the most important thing to the far left.

Rover Gear said...
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Anonymous said...

The is just another front in the global jihad that the media ignores and the Clinton administration kept under wraps during the Bosnia/Kosovo years because they had so much invested in the narrative of the Serbians as modern day Nazis. Saudis, Chechens, Albanians, Egyptians, etc, all came to the conflict to rid Bosnia and Kosovo of its Serbian Christians. Now Sarajevo is 100% Muslim, where before the war it was closer to 45%.

We will watch the whole area deteriorate into a greater Albanian Muslim state that will be hostile to its neighbors and will spread jihad (violence and death) to its neighbors and around the world. These people WILL NOT STOP, fighting to the gates of Vienna, as they did in 1683. Their goal is to turn the whole of Europe into a Muslim caliphate and the Serbians were the first trigger. The US and NATO made this happen.

The Clinton administration fabricated evidence against the Serbs and waged war against them, then the Bush administration further wounded Europe by supporting Kosovar independence. The sons and daughters of Europe will pay for this in the years to come.

We fought the wrong people!

Christopher Logan said...

We should never help create any Islamic state. It just emboldens those that want an Islamic world.

Tonto said...

There is no such thing as moderate islam. The sooner the world recognizes that fact, the better off the world will be. These bastard muz want to submit us to islam or kill us. There is no middle, or moderate, ground. My answer is like the Texas death penalty....You kill us, we'll kill you back!