Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweden:Muslims Shoot Rockets, Hurl Pipe Bombs at Jews

Back in late January I posted about a pro-Israel rally in Sweden. At the rally the Jewish protesters had eggs and a teargas grenade thrown at them. On Sunday the brave Jews took to the streets one more time. In response the Muslims stepped up their hateful efforts by firing rockets and throwing pipe bombs towards the pro-Israel crowd. Listen to Muslims cheer in the videos as the explosions take place.

Hat tip to Dayag.

Islamists Fire Rockets, Hurl Bombs at Pro-Israel Crowd in Sweden

by Gil Ronen
( Islamists reached new heights of audacity in a face-off with pro-Israel demonstrators in Malmö, Sweden on Sunday, firing rockets and throwing pipe bombs at the pro-Israel group in broad daylight and under police's noses. No one was hurt. The incident was videotaped by Swedish blogger Ted Ekeroth.

Between 400 and 500 people gathered in Stortorget Square for a peaceful pro-Israeli protest.

The police sealed off the entire square and only allowed in the protesters, as well as a smaller group of Islamists, and separated the two groups from each other.

Blogger Ekeroth wrote: "It didn't take long until they started attacking us, this time with homemade pipebombs and fireworks. The homemade bombs were pretty powerful, as I stood not too far away when one of them exploded. According to what I heard, the police managed to arrest the ones that threw the bombs. However, they did not disperse the Arab crowd…"

In total, Ekeroth reported, the Islamists threw two pipe bombs, fired two rockets and hurled some glass bottles. The bombs did not reach the pro-Israel protesters but the rockets exploded over their heads.

The largest newspaper in the south, Sydsvenskan, chose to "distort and bend the truth," Ekeroth reported. The news item about the confrontation was headlined “Several arrested during Israel demonstration” and, amazingly, reported that "The expected violence did not occur."

Link to Article

This video shows the rockets and pipe bombs.

This video shows the impact of one of the rockets.


Tonto said...

I've thought about dropping a string of firecrackers in the midst of pali protesters, just to see how many would draw guns....maybe not such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

the jews are evil bastards and one day god will show them a servere punishment tramps they havent even got a country. they have to steal other people country....and they came from the monkeys and pigs !!

Christopher Logan said...

The UN created Israel, take it up with them. They gave up Gaza and all the Palestinians did was move the rockets closer to Israel. Now they deserve nothing.

Meanwhile little Israel keeps on kicking Islamic ass.

Anonymous said...

Muslims got so many countries since they are ultimate zionist and destructive forces of the world, who can never live with people of other religiuon. Their God forgot to mention abhout the condoms in devil's book and preach for polygamy and child marriages, result - their number is increasing more than any other group. This evil needs to go for a better future. Jews are the most intelligent people of the world. They made significant progress in science and business, on the contrary what Islam bring to the world, except exploitation. If Jews are monkeys, Muslims are definitely dirty pigs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous:Very good! That stupid little faggot marxist is an idiot! I will not even engage such a jack ass. I can only hope that the jews of the world rise up against the muslims and attack these muslim scum and beat them down in a bloody war, no holds bared bloody retaliation every time the mooks step out of line. Masses of jews against masses of Alahmooks! "eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, blood for blood" till they get the message!!!By the way, I heard That Alah, was a camale humper!! I would love to publish a cartoon on this site of that image, but, I doubt it would be allowed!!!...Tom

Tonto said...

marxist-socialist guy....when it comes to being a scumbag, nobody can come close to a muz, except maybe a sell-out like a marxist-socialist. What the Jews did in Israel was reclaim their country from the filistinian arabs that were the garbage kicked out of their own countries and had moved to an obscure province where jews were living but had no national identity. The filistinians were kinda the wet-backs of the Palestinian Provence of The Ottoman Empire. They tried to remove the resident jews and that really backfired when the Jews showed up, on the run, from the crap in Europe. The Jews just reclaimed what was theirs...kinda like when us injuns will take back the USA....but you'd be for that right?....even California too?

Anonymous said...

At last, from inside the muslim world some moderate muslim voices. May God bless them
please read the articles posted on that site, by muslims about islam, and you will see that people are wrong to hate all muslims.

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest you to go through this website:

Christopher Logan said...

There has always been some "moderate" voices and unfortunately they have no power. They will not reform Islam. As the Koran is in God's words and mere man cannot change them. Not one country has been able to sort out the good Muslims from the bad. It is time to end all Muslim immigration.

Anonymous said...

qur-an is hoax
islam is a cult bad dangerous cult

cult of hate and jihard

Winged Hussar 1683 said...

Use (and I think even possession) of a pipe bomb is a felony in the United States, which underscores the fact that many militant "Muslims" are common felons of the worst kind: violent, primitive, filthy, and barbaric savages best imagined as plague-carrying rates.

Islamic Supremacists: Homo sapiens by BIRTH, subhuman by CHOICE.

When is Sweden going to cleanse itself of the bipedal dreck that infests its streets?

John Kenney Jr. said...

While I would call these fireworks not rockets and pipe bombs, I think the Muslims are a dangerous cult, but the Jews will win, I read the book and know the ending.

Anonymous said...

They were pretty powerful rockets. Take a look at the second video.

Anonymous said...

We don't want anymore Islamisation of Europe. It has gone too far and is endangering our own culture and safety. For topics on Islam and what it exactly entails to keep conservative Muslims in the West, please see our blog:

paul maleski said...

I am an equal rights European; I want all: Moslems, Jews, Sikhs et al. to leave white Christian Europe. I can promise Asiatic Jews and African Moslems, that I will never bother their respective continents, with my white Christian presence. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

Anonymous said...

To Paul Maleski. Jews, Hindu's and Sikh's are not problem at all!

They usually have respect for their host country, Jew's here in the U.K even pay respect to the Government and the Queen at Synagogue services! The Jewish community has made a huge contribution to business, arts, sciences etc throughout their time here and I believe the Hindu and Sikh community have contributed hugely too without trying to put their religion, culture and belief's onto the rest of us!

But the Muslims are an absolute disgrace, they contributed to nothing apart from, benefit fraud, a drain on public services and benefits, destruction of public property during their protest's, terrorism, total disrespect for the nation. They have destroyed many cities here in the UK such as Bradford and Oldham , they are nothing more than filthy dangerous scruffy poor Muslim ghettos where the indigenous population has left.

I believe if you come to live in a civilised country like the UK, you should do your best to fit it, its not what we can do to accomodate them, its what THEY should be doing for us.

I'm so sick of the unbelievable demands of the Muslims, for example 40% of uk Muslims demand Sharia Law in the uk! if they dont want to accept the law's and culture of the land why dont they do us all a favour and go back to the poor muslim hell hole in the Middle East, North Africa or Asia where they or their parents came from. Why dont they all go and let us Christians, Hindu's Sikh's and Jew's live in peace!

Please dont give me Islam is a religion of peace, It's Islam's aim to have world dominance, through Jihad!

And where are all these moderate Muslim's that the UK and European government's keeps telling us about?? Why werent they speaking out when there was 9/11, the London Bombings? Bali? Madrid? the list goes on, why werent they out protesting in their hundreds of thousands against these murderous terrorists? Nowhere!

I wish the UK government would wake up from this political correctness crap and do something about this, before our culture, values and civilisation of the UK and Europe is gone for ever!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your name sounds sort of Greek to me. The Afro/Asiatic jew and moslem are very much alike, and very different to the white Christian European. Jews have been back in Blighty since around 1655, and they still live a cloistered existence; the same goes for the moslem. Kidnapping and piracy aside, moslems did not make much of an impact on UK society, until the sixties. Yes, there were Somali Moslems et al. in South Wales and a few around Woking in the C19. Now patriotic British passport carrying jews are but a tiny proportion of the UK population, far far less than the number of Jewish one world utopian Home Secretaries/politicians and Civil Servants; who since 1965, did sweet FA, about mass Islamic immigration to the UK and Western Europe; on the contrary. The jew has the automatic right to return; let us return to the truth. Let us start with Frank Sosckice in 1965 and end with the Milibands. You can fill in the gaps, it was the jew, more than any other reckless sub-species, who bastardised the UK culturally and racially.

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