Friday, February 27, 2009

Netherlands:Theatre Brings in Islamic Gender Segregation

More and more we see businesses in the USA and Europe catering to Islam. Of course each time a business caters to the requests of Muslims, it only encourages Muslims to move on to their next request. Even though a lot of Islam advancing in the West is happening through the free market, it does not mean that it is what is best for our country and our families future generations. I am not against the free market, I am against Muslim immigration. As more Muslims come here we will see more of them using the free market to change the West to suit Islam.

Muslim Men, Women Segregated in Rotterdam Theatre

ROTTERDAM, 28/02/09 - On Friday night, a Muslim stand-up comedian was scheduled to give a show in a Rotterdam theatre with segregated seating for the men and women in his audience.

Moroccan-born writer and TV producer Salaheddine Benchikhi was to make his debut as a stand-up comedian at Theater Zuidplein in Rotterdam. At his request, the theatre said it would offer female audience members the option of sitting apart from the men, as Algemeen Dagblad reported several hours before the show on Friday.

According to the newspaper, 50 of the 590 seats had been reserved for women who object to sitting beside a man due to their Islamic faith. As an extra 'service', the orthodox ladies may sit in the first rows of the balcony.

"Whether the option will actually be utilised remains to be seen", Joyce van Dongen of Theater Zuidplein stated. "Fifty is an estimate made by Salaheddine's management. Since the show is an opening night, we have no previous shows to serve as an example". If called for, a larger number of separate seats would be arranged, according to Van Dongen.

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Anonymous said...

The picture is clear to where this is all heading. This is not good.

Anonymous said...

Greed once again is leading to the downfall of the West.

Anonymous said...

Slowly within the law they are taking over the West. The question is do we have the guts to fight back?

Anonymous said...

I at least hope they have to pay the extra for a front row seat like everyone else. HHMMPH!!
This is getting beyond the ridiculous. How much more 'brown-nosing' does the government pollies have to do before the mussos are happy.....Oh wait!!! They will never be happy until they have accomplished their goal of total subjugation of everything WESTERN. Australia is catching up fast to the UK on giving them concession after concession. Including welfare for polygamous wives and their illegitimate broods. So before we are not allowed to say anything against them I will be shouting from the bloody rooftops about them and what they are trying to achieve.
Truly sickening.

eloivsdiablo said...

If I was a woman the last place I would like to sit when the lights go out is next to a muslim male...

kevin said...

I linked this story to my blog.

As the influence of Islam grows,the seemly innocuous demands for sharia compliant buildings and customs will be catered to by well intended Westerners in the name tolerance and multi-culturism.

Once these Islamic precedents are set in place, it will be nearly impossible to remove them without appearing to victimize Muslims.

Given that scenario, genuine tolerance will be replaced with gender segregation, the erosion of women's rights, censorship and intolerance not seen since the Dark Ages.
Islamists aren't here to be liberalized.

Anonymous said...

For Pete's sake and I am saying it once again for the benefit of all the "Dhimmies" throw these Islamic scum from your land .Make immigration rules as strict as possible and deport these assholes

Anonymous said...


How do you say "Jim Crow" in Arabic?

Christopher Logan said...

I am all for ending their immigration. We have enough problems in the West already and we do not need the added ones that Islam brings.

Hi Denis,
Welcome to the site.

Anonymous said...

How do you say "Jim Crow" in Arabic?

جيم الغراب

Anonymous said...

Keep up your good work Chris!
Expose more Islamic agendas.I want to know more.
By the way,i linked your site to my blog.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE STOP ISLAM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. IN India we did not do that, and look what is happening to us.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks for the translation.

The Sound of Truth,
I am returning the favor right now, thanks.

India is the perfect of example of how catering to Muslims does not work. Their list of demands is never ending.

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