Monday, February 23, 2009

US:Fitna to be Viewed by Congress

Usually we see many of our politicians cowering behind a wall of political correctness. Today we see Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona standing up for what is right, standing up for the freedoms of the USA. He is doing this by holding a showing of the anti-Islam film Fitna made by Dutch politician Geert Wilders. This is the same film that the EU had banned and Wilders is the same person that the UK has banned from their country. Will Obama do the same?

WASHINGTON — Republican Sen. Jon Kyl is hosting a film screening at the Capitol building on Thursday for a far-right Dutch lawmaker who claims that Islam inspires terrorism.

Kyl is sponsoring the event for Geert Wilders, who was denied entry to London earlier this month because British authorities said he posed a threat to public order.

Wilders’ 15-minute film juxtaposes verses from the Quran with images of violence by Muslims. Wilders has called the Quran a "fascist book" and said it should be banned.

Kyl agreed to facilitate the event because "all too often, people who have the courage to point out the dangers of militant Islamists find themselves vilified and endangered," said spokesman Ryan Patmintra.

Thursday’s event was being sponsored by the International Free Press Society, headed by Danish activist Lars Hedegaard, and the Center for Security Policy, a think tank in Washington led by Republican Frank Gaffney.

The event is closed to the public and press, but the film is being shown to members of Congress and their staff in the ornate "LBJ room," a Senate office once used by Lyndon B. Johnson as majority leader and later vice president.

Wilders’ film has sparked protests around the world, as well as inspired a debate on the freedom of speech. The lawmaker had been invited to Britain by a member of Parliament’s upper house, the House of Lords, to show his film. But the British government refused Wilders entry into the country, saying he posed a threat to "community harmony."

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband told the British Broadcasting Corp. that Wilders was guilty of "extreme anti-Muslim hate." He said "there is no freedom to stir up racial and religious hatred."

Hedegaard, who helped sponsor Wilders’ visit to the U.S., said Europe’s hate speech and blasphemy laws do not make any sense.

"The way to deal with controversial, offensive or even hateful statements — unless they are directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action — is to expose them to public debate and criticism," Hedegaard said in a statement advertising Thursday’s event.

While it is unusual for U.S. lawmakers to grant Capitol access to such a controversial figure, it was unlikely Wilders’ appearance would produce the same outcry as it did in Britain.

Several leading senators, including Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, declined to comment.

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Perpetua said...

Hi Chris,
Do you have a link to a video of the film in YouTube or somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Sen. Jon Kyl is to be commended for this action. It is a disgrace that the truth will not out because of threats from a violent segment of society in England.

I saw the film ‘Finta’ and it is just a compilation of violent actions from the Islamists from around the world and the Qur’an verses that support, encourage and condone them.

We may or may not agree with all that Geert Wilders says, but he has the right to say it!
As for myself, I believe that he is spot on!

Christopher Logan said...

Here you go....

Or just go into the search at the top of my site and put in EU Bans Screening of Fitna.

Hi Flossie,
Welcome to the site and thanks for the insightful comment.

Anonymous said...

Correction..Fitna is the name of the movie.

Rick007 said...

Man everybody should watch this film.

Anonymous said...

You got that right, this is a must see. We have to know thy enemy.

Bill said...

Yeah, but notice the scornful spin the original reporter put into his piece: "far-right". And "claims" terrorism is inspired by Islam. No, really?

PC twit. (the reporter, not mine host).

Christopher Logan said...

I know, most of them are like that. They know nothing about Islam and they cannot see past the word "religion". But overall this is some good news.

Perpetua said...

What does Fitna mean?

Christopher Logan said...

The film's title, "fitna", is an Arabic term used to describe "disagreement and division among people" or a "test of faith in times of trial". Wilders, a prominent critic of Islam, described the film as "a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamization"

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I'm Malaysian..last time,when the film Fitna has stirred up controversy
by depicting the image of Islam, Islamic party,Parti Islam Se-Malaysia(PAS) here has urge all Malaysians to boycott Dutch product like Shell.but the thing is they didn't even know that Shell is the biggest oil & gas company in M'sia that we have to depend on.Then comes to Israel-Palestin conflict.Again,they urge us to boycott U.S and Israel/Jewish products.but as for me,i won't do so because all the books that we use here back in our college and university are from America.Furthermore,KFC and computer operating system(Windows,Linux) are all from U.S.The lists may go on but here are some examples.How stupid they are if they really want us to do boycotting.If so,then we will live as if we're still in 7th century.I don't want that!As for 'Fitna',i encouraged it to be screened and i hope someday,someone will have the guts to screen it in M'sia as well.It truly portrays the image of evil Islam.Islam just brings fatal by FatAllah.We must support Wilders to protect Western civilization and liberties especially.As George Orwell once said: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”.I'm not lucky enough because i don't have freedom of speech like yours.In my opinion,don't count too much on the politicians because they are too politically correct.You guys have the power because you are the one elect them.So,if you can send them down,at least Islam can be defeated.I know most of you guys care much of your culture and heritage.Uphold them.Let no Islamic elements infiltrate into your precious culture and heritage.

Christopher Logan said...

Hi Sound of Truth,
Welcome to the site. Thanks for not boycotting our goods to please the Muslims. I agree with your post, most of our politicians here are useless when it comes to fighting Islam. Hopefully this screening will wake some of them up. Aspects of Islam are already seeping into America, but thankfully more and more of us are starting to speak up. Please read this article to see the similarities between the USA and the UK in regards to Islam.

Any updates from your country would be appreciated.

Tonto said...

Having Congress view FITNA is a great idea....if you can get the peckerhead libtards from Congress to sit through the whole thing.

Unknown said...

At least they have more spine that the British Government.

Unknown said...

Hey The Sound of Truth, like your blog but can't post comments because of the word-thingie that you have to enter. It never displays an image to type in. Can you disable this?

Christopher Logan said...

Liberty Mine,
I had the same exact problem with that site. The word verification code never comes up.

What is that picture of?

Unknown said...

Hi Christopher, if you mean the picture on my profile (which I have only just realised is waaaaay too small), it is TH 1844. It's a stone pyramid or obelisk. It's nothing exciting. TH stands for Trinity House. Just behind the pyramid is the lighthouse. The pyramid is used as a lighthouse marker to warn of an off-shore shelf of rock. My blog has the full picture with the lighthouse in view. I was born a few miles down the road. The waters are can be dangerous and many ships have been lost. During WW2 a US tank landing craft was attacked by German E-boats resulting in the loss of 638 lives. To me it means England and home, largely unspoilt and free.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks, I need to get over there one day.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the event is closed to the public and press. We would want to know which of our Representatives are dhimmis and those "not in attendence" is a quick and easy determinant of this. Saw a video clip recently of British M.P keith Vaz berating Fitna on TV, while acknowledging that he had not seen the film! I suspect that there would be significant "no shows" for the Capitol Hill screening from the islamic bootlickers in Congress.


Christopher Logan said...

It is like signing the stimulus bill without even reading it.