Tuesday, February 3, 2009

UK:Halal Meat Taken off School Menu

It appears that the patience of the non-Muslims in the UK is wearing thin when it comes to Islamic encroachment. For 10 years a public school which catered to Islam was serving halal meat to all of its students including the non-Muslims. Now enough parents have complained and gotten halal meat taken off the menu entirely.

Halal meat taken off school menu after race row
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Old Palace School is no longer serving Halal meat on its school menu after parents complained.

The Whitgift Foundation's John Whitgift Schools committee took the decision after some parents were furious pupils were not being given a choice.

The Halal method, in which animals are slaughtered by a single slit to the throat, is the only was of killing livestock allowed under Islam.

But the method is deemed cruel by some animal-lovers, who object to the slow death it involves.

In a letter to parents, after taking advice from religious leaders, chair of the committee Rosemary Jones said: "We have decided that Halal meat should no longer be served to our pupils in line with what we understand is the general policy adopted by multi-faith schools.

"We shall continue to offer a hot vegetarian option and an extensive range of cold salads as an alternative meal for those pupils choosing not to eat non-Halal meat."

The menu was changed in November after the Advertiser revealed some parents had no idea the policy had been in force at Old Palace for up to 10 years.

Parents furious about the Halal policy were from the recently amalgamated Croham Hurst School and were labelled "racist bigots" by Old Palace spokeswoman Lucy Mazzeo.

Mrs Jones added in the letter: "We are very sorry for any anxiety or offence that may have been caused by this issue or by the recent articles and letters published in the local media.

"As a Christian Foundation, we celebrate the diversity of all the cultural and religious groups attending our schools."

Old Palace refused to answer further questions on the decision.

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Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

"As a Christian Foundation, we celebrate the diversity of all the cultural and religious groups attending our schools."

We must not give up the distinctiveness of our own religion to "celebrate" the "diversity" of religions that are not our own. We don't have to convert, in other words, to respect another religion. We must remain separate.

Islam is a religion and culture from which all other religions and cultures must be separated - because Islam does not respect the rights of others to maintain their own culture and religion.

We must not strive to accept Islam. Islam must be called to account for it's account to respect our rights to our own culture and religion. This is one religion that does not culturally assimilate - and the reason why is because it does not respect the rights of other people to have differing cultures born of differing religions.

We can have one culture in the US with multiple religions - but Islam is excluded. (Because it rejects assimilation and refuses to respect the rights of others to practise their own religion.) Islam is racist and Islam is fascist and totalitarian.

Islam discriminates and is far right and the radical right.

Christopher Logan said...

I am with you 100%. Islam deserves that same amount of respect that it gives and that is none.

Anonymous said...

Heu guys, it looks like England is getting the idea that they cannot be nice, and political. If they keep up the fight, they will get a handle on these muslim scum, and , hopefully, they will hunt down all illegal MOOKS and deport them back to where they belong!!They must be put in their place through fear, discriminization, deportation, bust up their mook ghetto's and Islamic conclaves,totally ignore Sharia laws,as a form of barbarism,and human degradation. If they riot, hit them hard;brutally hard!!!Remember, they respect strength, show them lots of it;hurt them hard!The English, for twenty years, or longer have shown weakness, true cowardly behavior; they sold their down the drain!!!Fight English;or die!!!! Tom

Tonto said...

Well, if they really object THAT much, they can always take their muz butts back to the garbage heaps they came from....and be happily hallal and sharia and all that wonderful stuff they like. About time the Brits start acting with some gumption!

Anonymous said...

Tom it does appear that the Brits see that being nice to their Muslim visitors was a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

I want to know now when is the Oak Lawn highschools district going to reinstate sausage pizza, jello, and sausage sandwiches back on the menus here after being removed last year due to these mental cases.
Suburban Chicago does not need any more of this pure idiocy from these 7th century morons.

Anonymous said...

Dear England, please use whatever modern / traditional means to fight off this cancerous disease. Do not let it spread to Stage IV otherwise it will be lethal. Cancer cells do not care about other good and healthy cells. All they do is spread and kill. Cancer cells kills whatever cells that do not "think" like them.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This Iftikar dude appears to be a troll who has posted his /her comment which has nothing to do with the topic on hand. The same has already been posted as a topic in antijihadresistance.com.

The problem I have with halal meat, other than the cruel means used to slaughter animals, is that the animal is consecrated to a deity, allah. Why should our kids eat stuff that has been offered to allah, the moon god?


PhilipUK said...

Why arn't the RSPCA actively protesting against this barbaric act of slaughter.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks, he is an Islamic spammer who keeps posting the same nonsense over and over. How Muslims are victims of the Western school systems. I once asked him why do Muslims act the same in Islamic countries? He had no answer.

Hi Mate!!

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

while islam is trying to show how to pratice you're religon right. for christain and jews islam came last to bring you people of the book to the middle road and not go to the exstreams

Anonymous said...

To Chetha: I am so stunned after having read your comments about halal meat, showing a total ignorance on the topic: 1) the halal method in slaughtering the animals is far less cruel than all the non-halal methods; specifically, with the halal method, the animal does not feel pain because it dies instantly"; 2) you said that halal meat is consacrated to one divinity, Allah, the "moon god"; it's clear that you have no idea about the concept of Allah in the Quran: Allah is the one and only God, the Creator of everything, you cannot associate anything to Him, so He's not a not well specified moon god, He is the Only one God!

RV Nur