Monday, February 9, 2009

UK:Islamic Segregation OK

A headteacher in the UK has been forced to resign after she tried to do away with faith based segregation in school assemblies. The headteacher was actually labeled a "racist" because she want children of all faiths to be in the assembly together. The world is officially upside down now.

Headteacher forced to resign after being branded racist for trying to axe separate assemblies for Muslims
09th February 2009

A primary school headteacher has resigned after Muslim parents protested over plans to scrap separate faith assemblies for their children.

Soon after taking over at the school Julia Robinson told staff she wanted to hold assemblies for all pupils, which would encompass all faiths.

The practise is common in most schools and after taking advice from the local authority, Ms Robinson set up a working party to look at alternatives.

But their work was stopped after a number of parents at Meersbrook Bank Primary Community in Sheffield complained about the plans.

Mrs Robinson was accused of being racist and following the complaints she was away from her post for most of last year.

She was due to make a phased return to her duties this term. But again there were protests from some parents when they heard she would be coming back.

Mrs Robinson resigned from her job and the school's chair of governors Sarah Browton also quit in support.

A member of staff who asked not to be named said: 'The headteacher inherited the separate assemblies when she started the job and she took careful advice from the authority on what to do about them.

'But when she tried to stop them, feeling they did nothing to promote inclusiveness, she was accused of being a racist.

'She wanted to hold assemblies for all the pupils, which would include all faiths. That is what happens in most schools but some parents wanted things to stay as they were.

'Mrs Robinson was under a lot of pressure and wasn't at school for some time. The plan was for her to come back but again some of the parents put a stop to that.

'Many of us here just feel this is all very wrong. Everyone was told that we had to heal and we had to move on.

'There's now an interim head in place and that situation could drag on for some time to come.

The feeling is that Julia was doing the right thing and went through all the right routes as to what she was trying to do.

'The aim was for inclusion there's no other school we know that has separate assemblies like these.

'The buzzword from the authority at the moment is all about community cohesion but there is little cohesion at this school. The staff are very upset at what has happened.'

A Sheffield Council spokeswoman said: 'We can confirm that the headteacher of Meersbrook Bank Primary School has tendered her resignation for her post which has been accepted.

'Parents have been made aware of the matter and temporary arrangements are in place until a new headteacher is appointed.'

Acting chair of governors Rob Stephens added: 'We would like to thank her for her work at the school, and wish her well for the future.

'Mrs Pamela Smith has been appointed as the lead teacher.'

After taking over at Meersbrook Mrs Robinson outlined her plans for the future for the 115 year old school on its website.

On it she said : 'We have launched the new school year by reviewing and rewriting our school vision and aims. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our community and our family feel.'

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Andrew Whitehead said...


According to you, Muslim "racism" is approved, but non-Muslim "racism" is wrong.

By the way, "racism" is the wrong word to use in this instance; Islam is not, never has been, never will be, a "race"; therefore, no racism has taken place or ever will.

A "safe" environment? Just what makes a Muslim school more safe than a secular school? Just how will Muslim students integrate into society if they don't understand it? Why must language instructors for Muslim students be Muslim? Are Muslim students so backward they can't comprehend a non-Muslim instructor?

As to Islamic identity, since when is it the job of society at large to develop "Islamic identity"? Is that not a job of the Mosque?

You say that Muslim schools are working to create a bridge between so? If they want Muslim students only, who is building the bridge?

As to cultural needs, you should know that all countries, even Muslim, have their own dominant cultures. While cultures can, and do, change over time, the fact remains (and you cannot deny it credibly) that the UK has bent over backward to every Muslim in the county in the name of "diversity".

Diversity has destroyed every single country on the planet (no exceptions) that has attempted to implement diversity as the stronger will ultimately destroy (either by force or assimilation) the weaker. The UK is on the losing side in this battle and will be Muslim within 30 years.

So, bide your time and maybe you (or your children) will live to see what living in an Islamic paradise is like. By the way, when this does come about, don't even think about coming to the USA...we'll hopefully have implemented common-sense plans to destroy radical Islam in our county by then.

Andrew Whitehead

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