Monday, February 16, 2009

Swat Pakistan:Sharia is the law

This is a follow up to yesterday's story about how our "ally" Pakistan is caving into the demands of the Taliban in Swat Pakistan. The Pakistani government has allowed sharia law to overtake the state law in Swat. I am sure that the Taliban members will be satisfied and not push for more....

Pakistan Agrees to Islamic Law in Tribal Area
By Ayaz Gul
16 February 2009
Authorities in Pakistan have agreed to introduce Islamic law in a restive northwestern region in a bid to stop a spreading Taliban insurgency.

Pro-Taliban extremist groups have long fought for Islamic law, called Sharia, to replace Pakistan's secular laws in the northwestern Malakand region that includes the Swat District, a militant stronghold.

The mountainous Pakistani region has seen intense fighting between Taliban insurgents and security forces since 2007. The violence has forced thousands of residents to flee to safer areas and Taliban militants have destroyed nearly 200 mostly girls' schools in the scenic valley as part of efforts to enforce their strict version of Islam that prohibits female education.

But provincial authorities said they have signed a peace deal with a leading outlawed pro-Taliban group in the region [Tehrike Nifaze Sharia Mohammadi] headed by Sufi Mohammad. The agreement, they said, will lead to enforcement of the Islamic Sharia law in the area including Swat, once a tourist paradise.

Giving details of the deal at a news conference, Provincial Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti said the agreement has not been made under pressure from extremist forces and is not unconstitutional.

He defended the peace deal, saying that establishment of a separate judicial system in the area was long approved by the Pakistani parliament.

"Whatever we are giving them, there is not even a single section or provision which is against the basic fundamental rights and the liberties or against the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This was the peoples' demand. There was a problem there, there was a vacuum there and hopefully this would definitely work," he said.

Mr. Hoti said that the federal government and President Asif Ali Zardari have approved the deal under which, as he put it, all un-Islamic provisions in the existing legal system stand outlawed as a first step.

Militants have announced a 10-day unilateral cease-fire to pave the way for the peace agreement. But the provincial chief minister said Pakistani troops will remain stationed in Swat and will respond if they come under attack.

The peace deal in northwestern Pakistan was announced hours after missiles fired by a suspected unmanned U.S aircraft hit a militant hideout in a tribal region near the Afghan border.

This was the second such strike in the past three days. On Saturday, an alleged U.S drone attack killed at least 25 people in the South Waziristan tribal region. Witnesses and tribesmen described most of the victims as local and foreign militants.

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Gururaj B N said...

India has been fighting a lonely battle against Islamisation. It is an ongoing battle of over one thousand years. If anything, it has become more intense now. India's secular government and secular media underestimate the grim consequences of events in India. A fanatic tribe like Taliban will now control vast territories of Pakistan. The Government seems helpless. What would happen if Taliban gains control of Pakistan's nuclear weapons is too grim a question which has not received enough attention by the non-islamic world. Help India fight against Islamisation. Shun the output you receive from India's Secular media, which mostly gives distorted views of Hindu struggle against Islamists.

Sikander Hayat said...

To read more about Pakistan and the region surrounding it, please visit

Anonymous said...

So-called "sharia", being used to divide Muslims. Swat isn’t even going to be allowed a military, so at any time they can be removed. In fact this is part of the plan since the establishment of "sharia" is only in exchange for a ceasefire with the Pakistani Army. Notably, this is in same region (the "NWFP") that the Americans are bombing, most recently killing at least 26 people on Saturday.

So... no sharia, no military, overruled at any time, and the two groups of people who were on the brink of unity are instead being divided.

The only upside of this debacle is that it is a sign that the people of Pakistan do want to be ruled by Islam, even if they aren’t getting it just yet.

Teodoro Rafael Darnott Abdullah said...

As salamu alaykum
Te invito.
Vamos a conocer el orden político divino de la teocracia islámica. El proyecto de Allah la causa de los musulmánes verdaderos. Entra en esta dirección.

Christopher Logan said...

The free world should stand side by side with India in the fight against Islam. More of us support you than you might think. I remember I was on some Jewish forums when all those anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protests were taking place in the USA and Europe. Many Jews were saying that their country needs to unite with India in this battle with Islam.

Anonymous said...

All people are talking but no one is taking action. Rest of the world is not against Mulsims. It is Muslims who are against the rest of the world. Let us take violent action against them. They are united. All most all muslims support terrorism. That is the fact. We are trying to protect the 0.00001% of muslims who say that they are against terrorism. Our point is not be violent against them. Let them have their own life but countries such as US, India, Israel should not let any flow of Muslims into their countries. Let us ban them. Let us non-cooperate with them. I am yet to hear a single invention by any Muslim. Not even one thing which improves world. It talks a lot about their caliber. They try to cover all their negatives in the name of religion. They call themselves as sensitive. Come on. If you bring religion into every conversation possible on earth, there are going to be difference of opinions. They cant handle any difference of opinions. They cry and fight and kill. If they want to kill, why dont they kill their own community. Is it not taught in Islam? This religion is religion of Rest in Peace. They bring peace in this world by killing.

Anonymous said...

There was an error in my previous comment. I am sorry. Let us not take violent action against them. Not is missing.

Azam said...

Islam does not supress women but Talibans do. If people want to follow islam then they have this right but to start killing people and destroying educational institutes is criminal and should be dealth with in Law may it be Sharia or otherwise.

Extremism must not be allowed to prevale in Swat, NWFP or Afghanistan.

Pakistani Govt has made a grage error on their part to accept sharia law.

Christopher Logan said...

Islam does oppress women and their testimony in court being only worth half of a mans is an example of that.

credit repair specialist said...

Sharia is the moral code and religious law of Islam.