Saturday, February 28, 2009

Netherlands:Theatre Brings in Islamic Gender Segregation Update

This is an actual picture from the theatre mentioned in this story.

Hat tip to Rob.


Always On Watch said...

Fundamentalist Moslems refuse to assimilate. On top of that fact, the West is making provision so that they don't have to assimilate.

Unknown said...



Look at those people, appeasers all. Are they stupid or ignorant. Where is the sense of identity and pride?

Christopher Logan said...

Always on Watch,
Where are "all" the moderates speaking out against this?

Anonymous said...

there's no so-called 'moderate'..they are all hypocrite because they are either fully ignorant or fully support the fundamentalist.if those moderates come to speak out against those authoritative fundamentalist, for sure the moderates will be blamed,criticized and to make it worse,they will be end up in muslim rehabilitation centre.only ex-muslim is reliable to speak out against this.

Christopher Logan said...

Our government should be talking to ex-Muslims to learn about Islam. But they probably do not want to hear the truth.