Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama:Walks Like Duck, Talks Like a Duck....

By Christopher Logan
Mr. Obama has not even been President for a month but it is clear that he is more concerned with the helping the Islamic world than he is the US. First he allows a Hamas connected Islamic organization to lead the prayer services at his inauguration.

Then one of his first orders of business is to state that he wants to reach out to the Islamic world with "respect". So out of "respect" he then drops the phrase war on terror. Still that was not enough "respect". Obama then decides to fund the enemy by turning around and authorizing sending more than $20 million dollars into the Hamas controlled Gaza strip.

Now if that all was not enough the Obama administration has just stated that they will suspend military and energy sanctions against the terrorist state of Syria. My question to Obama is, are you just helping out your Muslim brothers or are you just a Jimmy Carter redux?

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denialator said...

We are serfs in a world of materialistic idolators, criminals and communist thieves. The sad part of this predicament is they are in charge of our money and power. It makes no difference to them what WE think. Even Rush Limbaugh expresses despair and embarrassment over the conduct of our government. We should be ashamed of them all. I am. To confirm the "cultic" response to all of this, just listen to Obama’s rhetoric on his junket to Florida. Now he’s gleeful that the Senate has approved this "big pork" stimulus package and talking about having a beer with Sean Hannity. So much for the abject urgency and exigent condition of our economy. It’s all good!