Thursday, February 26, 2009

Geert Wilders in Manhattan Interview

Tuesday night Dutch politician Geert Wilders was in NYC and gave a private screening of the movie Fitna. The event was hosted by ACT for America. Courageous NYC activist Pamela Hall was in attendance and after the movie Mr. Wilders gave an exclusive interview. Here is the video.

Hat tip to Pam of The Silent Majority.


Carlos Echevarria said...

I love your site fellow Infidel and anti-Third Jihadist!

Keep up the good work, Geert is awesome, I was in Holland last February right before Fitna was going to be released!

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks Carlos!! The West needs more strong leaders like Wilders.

How was Holland?

Anonymous said...

Hi buddy long time I see all is well.I just wanted to let you and everyone to know Dear Friends,I cant get on J.H. chat ?to post so will you pass this and post all over? please! Fl. is getting deep with mussies. Thanks your friend Miles.

There will be a counter-rally in Tallahassee, FL to raise awareness that this Muslim Advocacy Day is being sponsored by Ahmed Bedier, a former leader in CAIR, who now runs United Voices for America. CAIR was founded as a front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood and was an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, which ended in the conviction of all 8 defendants. Mr. Bedier is pro-Hamas, a terrorist organization. He is anti-Israel. To learn more about the event and Mr. Bedier go here:

Please mark you calendars on March 10th and plan to be at the rally. We are looking for key civic, veteran and community leaders to attend the rally with Representative Adam Hasner, majority leader in the Florida House of Representatives, and many others.

We are not against any group wishing to peacefully petitioning their elected officials. We support all those who wish to do so. However, we must make sure our legislators understand who Mr. Bedier is and why they should be wary of any relationship with him and his ideologies.

More information to follow.



Dr. Richard M. Swier, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Director, Florida Security Council
(941) 923-2541

ON MARCH 10, 2009…WE NEED YOUR HELP IN FLORIDA! Please pass this to any and all

1. A radical Muslim organized a Muslim Advocacy Day in Tallahassee (FL. Capitol)

2. Concerned Floridians are organizing a Counter Event on the same day.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks for the heads up Miles, I just posted it. Please email me any info on the up coming counter rally.

Unknown said...

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