Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama and Hillary Funding our Enemies

By Christopher Logan
Earlier this month I posted about how President Obama had pledged to send approximately $20 million to the Hamas controlled Gaza strip. This was just days after it was discovered that Hamas had been stealing blankets and food allocated for the people of Gaza.

Just yesterday it was reported that the rockets attacks on Israel coming out of Gaza have resumed to a daily event once again. So what does Hillary do? She turns around and ups Obama's pledge from $20 million all the way up to $900 million. Is this some kind of reward for breaking the ceasefire and resuming the rocket attacks on Israel?
U.S. officials have stated that the money will go to the Palestinian Authority to help repair Gaza. The only problem with that is that Hamas controls the Gaza strip.

Besides all of this going on, just last week the Taliban thugs in Swat Pakistan were allowed to live their life long dream and given permission to put the valley under sharia law. This was done with the approval of the US government. In return the Taliban have pledged a "ceasefire".

Today another part of the deal between the Pakistani government and the Taliban has come to light. Pakistani pro-sharia militant group Tehrik-i-Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Mohammadi is being paid almost $6 million as part of a compensation package for their losses during Pakistani military operations. Part of the money is coming from a US donation, that is besides all of the money that we have given them in the past. The problem here is that the leader of Tehrik-i-Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Mohammadi, Sufi Mohammad spoke with the Taliban and both groups had endorsed the sharia law and compensation package. So you tell me where that money is going to end up.


Anonymous said...

This guy is out to destroy the USA.

Tonto said...

It's all about spending all tha money in the USA to make it vulnerable to attack. Obama's already talking about cutting costs by reducing the military spending. This is the perennial democrat MO. After each democrat administration, we always suffer big casualties and have to rebuild the military while under fire due to democrat stupidity and shortsightedness. Obama and Co. are TRAITORS and should be shot.

Unknown said...

I hate to say this about the leader of another country, especially a country I admire so much but I fear the people of America (that voted for Obama) will end up making the worst possible mistake.

His actions are already akin to the appeasers of Europe. His policies stink of socialism and tolerance to all regardless of who they bomb, behead or mutilate.

Don't even get me started on That Woman!

John Sobieski said...

Dumfounding. I thought we are broke, B R O K E! But we are giving a billion to HAMAS because they hate us the best?! Hamas misbehaves, Israel smacks them down, and the US awards. Go figger.

Unknown said...

John you're absolutely right

Christopher Logan said...

Liberty Mine,
Feel free to say what ever you like about my government. We here in America are fed up!! Obama is a radical who is out to destroy America. He is the greatest con man in the world.

Christopher Logan said...

Where have you been? It makes no sense. If you have no money why would you continually give away money that you are borrowing yourself?

Anonymous said...

I don't see you complaining about the billions of dollars Israel gets from the US. How about we be fair about all this, let's say the US not give any money to the people of Gaza and at the same time cuts all funding to Israel. That should be a nice chunk of money that can go towards the deficit no? Or is that too radical an idea? To sweeten the deal how about we say the funding is cut until Israel complies with all international law and view points and stops invading everyone under the umbrella that they are the victims in all this.

Unknown said...


Think you'll find the answer in the title of this post

"... funding our enemies"

Israel is an ally. Israel is fighting terrorists. Israel is fighting the same people and organisations that hate America and the free world.

Israel invading everyone under the umbrella? Different views I guess. I would hope if your back yard was being raided with rockets you would expect your government and country to respond to defend you?

Israel responded in Gaza because Gaza was attacking Israel.

Israel responded in Lebanon because Hizbullah was attacking Israel. The two are indistinguishable.

Any other "invasion" happened more than two decades ago and every military action Israel has taken has been to defend itself.

Let us also not forget, as the left too easily do, that Israel remains the only true democracy in that entire region.

Christopher Logan said...

That is correct I am not complaining about the money that they US gives to Israel. Israel is not a threat to the US and they are doing the world a favor by fighting Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel is not invading everyone and they have every right to go in Gaza to stop the rocket attacks on Israel. Funny how I do not see you complaining about how Hamas continually breaks international law. Personally I would cut off all aid to all Islamic countries. Islam is supposed to be so superior, let them fend for themselves.

Israel should agree to international view points....lets translate that. They should go along with the pro-Islamic, Jew hating gutless UN. No thanks, I do not care what the UN thinks about anything and neither should Israel.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Hillary have been lying since campaign. Lied to Israel&Britian. They're selling out for world acceptance to it's enemies, if sane people we're in charge they'd both be removed from office. they we're supposed to be of change and unity don't think so instead giving Hamas more money to use against the world nice going liars of us govt can't be trusted anymore