Monday, June 1, 2009

Obama's Islamic Love, the First Four Months

By Christopher Logan
When President Obama first took office he stated that he would reach out to Muslims. This is one of the few promises that he has kept. Here is the breakdown on his continuous Islamic love.


As soon as Obama had a chance he started catering to his Islamic buddies. In a complete display of disrespect for America Obama invited Ingrid Mattson, the leader of the Islamic Society of North America to take part in the prayer services on his inauguration day. Completely ignoring the fact that the group has admitted ties to Hamas.

Shortly after that Obama and Co. admitted that he needed more Muslims in his administration. Then he announced that he had chosen Harold Koh as his top legal pick. Mr.Koh supports Sharia law being used in our US courts.


Even though the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had warned Obama about releasing the Chinese Muslims who admitted attending a terrorist training camp into America, Obama overrides them and sides with the trained terrorists.


While it is really none of his business VP Biden tries to bully Israel into accepting a two-state solution. In case this does not work, Obama teams up with the King of Jordan to try and con Israel into it. Finally to make sure that he completely understood just yesterday Obama clearly showed his true colors as Palestinian President Abbas stated "Obama committed to ejecting Jews from Judea-Samaria".


Directly pressuring Israel was not enough. So Obama had to help prop up the enemies of Israel by allocating $900 million to be sent to the Hamas controlled Gaza strip. Since he loves the terrorist supporting Gazans he even ponied up another $20 million to help them migrate to America and spread their hate towards Jews here. Then just to play it safe in case there is a unity government between the Fatah and Hamas, Obama wants Congress to change the law and allow financial aid to be sent to the Palestinian government even though Hamas terrorists are part of it.


Although Obama will not do the right thing and supply us with nuclear energy, he has no problem giving it to his Islamic friends.


Obama sidekick Biden goes to Bosnia to tell them that Christians and Muslims must get along. While showing no concern at all for the Christians who have to live under the Islamic boot heel. In other words, his message to the Christians there is to shut up and accept it.


Siding with the American hostage takers in Iran, Obama wants a US lawsuit by some of the actual hostages thrown out of court. Because the hostage takers are higher up on his list than the law abiding US citizens who suffered in Iran for over a year.

He also sides with Iran and their nuclear ambitions, as he warns Israel not to protect themselves and take out the nuclear sites in Iran.


Since Mr.Obama thinks that the Islamic call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset", he shows his love for Sharia law and OK's the Taliban governing Swat Pakistan under Sharia law.


Obama also OK-ed giving aid to the Pakistani pro-sharia militant group Tehrik-i-Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Mohammadi, for thier "losses" during recent Pakistani military operations.
The group will receive almost $6 million US dollars.


Obama gave a speech in front of the Turkish Parliament. In his speech he said that the US will never be at war with Islam, while blatantly lying about Islam not being a violent religion.


Our so called leader showed the ultimate sign of respect as he bowed down to the King of the heart of Islam, the King of Saudi Arabia.

But as usual it is never enough as Muslims are never happy and always want more. Muslims are already putting out their demands as Obama prepares to head to Cairo Egypt for his upcoming speech to the Islamic world

Respect for Islam, a prescription for Palestinian statehood and assurances of a speedy U.S. pullout from Iraq — that's what Muslims from Morocco to Malaysia want to hear from President Barack Obama this week when he addresses them from this Arab capital.

I am sure that Obama will fulfill these demands and many more for them.

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