Sunday, June 14, 2009

US Teaches Afghan Detainees 'Moderate' Islam

Recently President Obama stated that he was going to take on a new strategy in Afghanistan. Part of it is teaching "moderate" Islam to the Afghan detainees. I am just curious how does an infidel lead "moderate" Islam course work? Do they tear out dozens of pages from the Koran in front of the prisoners?

US Teaches Afghan Detainees 'Moderate' Islam & Newspapers

"Every civilian casualty -- however caused -- is a defeat for us and a setback for the Afghan government," Gates said. (Google)

CAIRO – Revamping its detention policies in Afghanistan, the Pentagon is revising a program to give detainees courses on moderate Islamic teachings, job training and civics as part of efforts to pacify the violence-mired country.

"You can't lock guys up forever," a US military official in Afghanistan told the Wall Street Journal Saturday, June 13.

Under the program, detainees deemed moderates at the Bagram airbase, are given courses on moderate Islamic teachings.

They are also given job training and courses on civics, mathematics, and other similar subjects.

"The idea is to change how they see the world and give them the tools that at least give them a chance at a decent life," the military official said.


Winning Hearts

The rehabilitation program is seen as a new effort by the Obama administration to regain support of the Afghan civilians.

"Every civilian casualty -- however caused -- is a defeat for us and a setback for the Afghan government," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said at a meeting with NATO defense ministers on Friday.

"We need to make more changes in the way we conduct our operations."

Gates said the civilian killings in NATO airstrikes are "one of our greatest strategic vulnerabilities" for US in Afghanistan.

"As we get more forces on the ground in the country, my hope would be that the need for that would be reduced."

Anger has been growing in Afghanistan over the trigger-happy behavior of foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Analysts have repeatedly warned that the indiscriminate killing of civilians is turning ordinary Afghans against foreign troops and eroding fragile public support for the West-backed government of Hamid Karzai.

During the meeting, new commander of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan, Liet. Gen. Stanley McChrystal unveiled plans for an "information war".

The plans aim to fund dozens of civilian public relations advisors to work with the Afghan government to win the confidence of the Afghan people.

"When we are in position, one of the things we'll do is review all of our rules of engagement and all the instructions to our units, with the emphasis that we are fighting for the population," he told the BBC.

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Always On Watch said...

This strategy won't work. No Moslem is going to pay any attention to a bunch of infidels teaching about "moderate" Islam.

The Munz said...

And if this doesn't work what then? Give them instructions on how to fly a plane so they can go out and work for American Airlines flying coast to coast?

I'm sorry, but i have no faith in this administration at all. Everything that they have touched has turned to crap.