Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jihadist Urges Muslims to Cannibalize US Soldiers

The US government is closing down Gitmo and sending the prisoners from there to island resorts. One of the reasons for doing this is that it will hopefully save our soldiers from being tortured. Apparently this well known jihadist is not willing to reciprocate.

Jihadist urges Muslim soldiers to cannibalism

Muslim fighters are being told they may be justified in cannibalizing U.S. soldiers, it emerged Friday.

The chilling message is contained in a recent jihadist Internet entry that quotes from the work of a prominent jihadist ideologue, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi.

In one section of his work, Maqdisi discusses the idea of having to do something that is otherwise forbidden, including eating food "sacrificed for an idol," according to the Washington-based SITE Intelligence Group, which translates jihadist "chat" sites. Maqdisi adds some scholars believe this has evolved to mean that Muslims, faced with hunger, are allowed to kill an enemy and "cannibalize him."

In a bid to instil fear into U.S. soldiers, the entry says Americans should be told that Muslim fighters "smack their lips to eat the flesh of . . . the eaters of hamburgers and Pepsi."

But some jihadist respondents made light of the entry, which appeared on the al-Fallujah forum June 12. "If we are forced to eat Americans, we will make them (into) kabsa," said one posting, referring to a family of rice dishes served mainly in Saudi Arabia. This contributor said the kabsa would have "the taste of gunpowder," and added that the "limbs of apostates" could be turned into appetizers.

Another jihadist said the "slaughter" of Americans must be carried out in accordance with Shariah law, and posted a picture of the beheading of Nick Berg, an American businessman murdered in Iraq in 2004 after he went there to seek telecommunications work.

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