Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Allah Tells man to Firebomb Yale Power Plant

The list of American Muslims starting trouble here in the name of Islam is getting longer by the day. Besides this, in the last 24 hours alone I have posted about a Muslim student who tried to get on an airplane in Tampa with a butcher knife and a West Virginia Mosque which is preaching hatred towards non-believers. Non-Muslims who continue to support Islam in America because it is classified as a religion are just helping to tear the country apart from within.

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace.

Man admits to carjacking, firebombing, robberies
By Register Staff

NEW HAVEN — A man who allegedly confessed to a downtown carjacking, a Yale University fire bombing, two New York City robberies and other crimes that police can’t yet confirm he committed, was placed on a mental health watch by a Superior Court judge Monday.

When detectives picked up Robert Thompson, 30, of West Haven, and told him he was wanted on a West Haven warrant, he allegedly told detectives, “Good, because I want to tell you about all the crimes I’ve been doing.”

Thompson was charged over the weekend with the June 6 carjacking at Church and Chapel streets and is under investigation for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail over the fence at the Yale power plant at 18 Tower Parkway June 7. He told Detective Wayne Bullock that Allah instructed him how to “melt down” the plant, according to documents filed in court Monday. It didn’t cause any damage.

The investigation involved both Yale and New Haven police, as well as NYPD and a federal joint terrorism task force.

Assistant Chief Peter Reichard said detective were still trying to verify Thompson’s claims that he started robbing banks and stores in 2004. He told detectives he did it to show “the system” that he wasn’t insane .

Police recovered the stolen Nissan Sentra. After Thompson’s confession, bomb technicians spent hours in a wooded grove near the Kimberly Avenue bridge after he claimed he had buried pipe bombs there. They also closed down a street around police headquarters and summoned the bomb squad after Thompson said he had a loaded “zip gun” in his backpack according to the court documents.

Bullock, along with Detectives Nicole Natale, Will Cruz and Craig Dixon, handled the investigation.

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