Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UN Says World Should Honor Sharia in Regards to Refugees

The pro-Islamic United Nations which has already banned any criticism to Islam in regard to human rights has stepped up their support for Islam a notch. They want the world to honor the part of Sharia that says that countries must take in refugees.
(Obviously when an Islamic country does this, a non-Muslim still has to live under their rules.)

The catch is that "Today, the majority of refugees worldwide are Muslims,". Sorry, not interested in using Sharia law, or having more Muslims come into my country. No thanks.

Islam Laid Basis of Refugee Laws: UN

CAIRO — Islam has influenced and enriched modern-day international refugee laws more than any other source, a United Nations study said on Tuesday, June 23, lamenting that Muslims make up a large bulk of the world refugees.

"The international community should value this 14-century-old tradition of generosity and hospitality and recognize its contributions to modern law," UN High Commission for Refugees Chief Antonio Guterres wrote at the forward of the study.

The study, "The Right to Asylum Between Islamic Shari`ah and International Refugee Law", sought to assess the impact of Islamic laws and values on modern-day legal framework upon which UNHCR bases its global activities on behalf of tens of millions of uprooted people.

It concluded that Shari`ah, 14 centuries ago, created the bases for many of the refugee-related international laws.

It noted that under Shari`ah Muslims and non-Muslims alike have the right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution.


"Today, the majority of refugees worldwide are Muslims," notes Guterres.

According to the UNHCR, there are a total of 16 millions refugees and asylum seekers and 26 million internally displaced people in the world today.

Half the world refugees come from two Muslim countries: Iraq and Afghanistan.


Guterres regretted that Muslim refugees are deprived from guaranteed rights because of the growing racism and xenophobia in the world.


"These attitudes have also contributed to misperceptions about Islam, and Muslim refugees have paid a heavy price," Guterres wrote.

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