Friday, June 5, 2009

NY Islamic Thinkers Society Crashes Israel Day Parade~Video

This past weekend the NY based Islamic Thinkers Society crashed the Israel Day Parade in Manhattan. Keeping with their past track record they spewed nothing but hate while calling for the destruction of Israel. Being the scholars that they are they even came up with a "beware, beware, pedophile Rabbis everywhere" slogan. At the end of the video there is a lovely message for all of us supporters of Israel.

Here is their platform.

* They were shown no respect for the vermin they are.
* All those who support Israel are enemies of Islam.
* All Zionists must leave Palestine before any talk of negotiation can be held.
* Germany should compensate for the Jews, not Palestinians
* If American government loves Israel, they should make Texas the Israeli State.
* There is no Two-State Solution
* May Allah grant victory to the legitimate resistance of Palestine.


Anonymous said...

This is horrible! These people want an all out war. It seems like whatever Israel does is not enough.


Az Zaqqum said...

Yes, from the religion of peace and tolerance....which by way is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran or ahadeeth. But then again, neither is the golden rule.

Sahih Moslem;
Burda narrated that his father said the messenger of God said;

“Every time a Muslim man dies, God puts in hell fire a Jew or a Christian.”

Ah, so that’s why Muslims kill each other.

Tonto said...

I don't get it. They have a right to protest the parade, but I have the right to protest them being there...and if I happen to do MY protesting with a baseball bat, there's no problem ...right?

BONNI said...

It's a good think I don't have a gun or I'd use it on those bastards. Anyone know where I can get a gun in NYC?

Anonymous said...

'Islamic Thinkers' - isn't that an oxymoron?