Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama OKs US Nuclear Energy Deal With UAE

While Dubai has tightened up their laws to conform more with Islamic customs, President Obama continues to fulfill his promise of reaching out to Muslims.
My question is why would he help the UAE advance with nuclear energy but not the country of which he is the president of?

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace.

Obama OKs US nuclear energy deal with UAE


American President Barack Obama on Thursday signed a civilian nuclear deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) worth potentially billions of dollars to U.S. energy companies, setting the stage for Congress to decide whether to block it.

"I have determined that the performance of the agreement will promote, and will not constitute an unreasonable risk to, the common defense and security," Obama said in a statement.

Supporters believe those concerns can be addressed. The UAE, by renouncing uranium enrichment and reprocessing of spent fuel, has made clear they have no intention of building a nuclear bomb, Sebright said.

His memorandum did not mention U.S. disquiet over a video of an Afghan merchant allegedly being beaten by a member of the UAE royal family, which raised human rights concerns in Congress.

Congressional decision

The administration of former President George W. Bush signed the pact with the wealthy Gulf state just days before leaving office in January.

The next step in the approval process for the civil nuclear deal is for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to formally submit it to the U.S. Congress. The pact would go into effect after 90 days unless lawmakers vote to block it.

"I expect now that the president has signed it will go to Congress pretty quickly," said Danny Sebright, president of the U.S.-UAE Business Council, which is planning a big push for approval of the deal. "We look forward to engaging Congress and answering any of their questions. We believe the agreement is rock solid and will stand on its merits."

Obama's decision to approve the deal comes just weeks before he plans to visit Egypt to fulfill a campaign promise to deliver a major speech to the Muslim world.

The UAE, which was the world's third largest oil exporter in 2007, is planning to build a number of nuclear reactors to meet an expected need for an additional 40,000 megawatts of electricity by 2017.

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Grace Explosion said...

I don't quite get it. So, here's the deal - the Islamic world is to surpass America on all levels?? Like, we can't drill for our oil here - we have to buy it from them. We can't build nuclear power plants here - but we can help them build nuclear power plants. We have to disarm ourselves here - but we can help them gain access to material with which to build nuclear bombs.

We can de-industrialize here - but we should live to see their society advance beyond us as a superpower economically, as well as militarily.

Certain people certainly do hate the Judeo-Christian nation of the USA - and want to disempower it, impoverish it, weaken it... basically destroy it, don't they??

It's systematic. Becoming more and more manifest. (Getting real "ez" to "pick up on".)

This is no evolution of the destruction of the USA through it's government. Appears more like "intelligent design".

"Conspiracy theory"?? I think a person would have to be an idiot not to "recognize the strategies" of our domestic enemies in Washington DC and across the nation at this point.

Christopher Logan said...

Hi Grace,
Where have you been? Your first paragraph sums it up. It only makes sense if you want to bring America down. Our enemies have infiltrated through our democracy.