Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Homeland Security Brings in Trojan Horse

While President Obama has broken major campaign promises like being transparent and fiscally responsible, one that he did keep was his promise to bring more Muslims into his administration. This past Sunday it was announced that he gave a devout Sunni Muslim a position in the Department of Homeland Security. Now we learn that DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has sworn in Kareem Shora. Mr.Shora who is a frequent quest on Al-Jazeera is the head of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. In the past officials from his organization have called jihadists "heros" and they have praised Hamas. As they do not consider them to be a terrorist organization.
Here are some of their statements.

In 1994, during one of the main peaks of Hamas suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, then-ADC President Hamzi Moghrabi said, "I will not call [Hamas] a terrorist organization. I mean, I know many people in Hamas. They are very respectable. …I don't believe Hamas, as an organization, is a violent organization."

Back in 1996, ADC’s President, Hala Maksoud, declared: “I find it shocking that [one] would include Hezbollah in…[an] inventory of Middle East ‘terrorist’ groups.

When Israel released Hezbollah prisoners in early 2004, Imad Hamad, ADC's Midwest Regional Director, openly celebrated the freedom of "the heroes."

In late 2007 past ADC President Mary Rose Oakar sent a letter to Columbus State Community College President Valeriana Moeller saying that Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week “should not be tolerated.” Apparently Mrs. Oakar does not want our college students educated to the fact that Islamfascists are a major threat to life as we know it.

It is obvious that this organization does not have the best interests of America as we know it at heart. But what should we expect? Obama loved radicals before the election and he loves them now.

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