Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mitt Romney: Jihadism Is Not Part of Islam

Now I know that most of our politicians are ignorant on Islam, but this takes the cake. Maybe Mr.Romney would like to explain why there are 164 jihad verses in the Koran?

Mitt Romney: Jihadism Is Not Part of Islam

June 03, 2009
Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Jihadism is one of them, and that is not Islam. If you want my views on Islam, it's quite straightforward. Islam is one of the world's great religions and the great majority of people in Islam want peace for themselves and peace with their maker. They want to raise families and have a bright future.


It's by no means a branch of Islam. It is instead an entirely different entity. In no way do I suggest it is a part of Islam.

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