Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hamas Stole aid, Obama Sends aid

A United Nations spokesperson has stated that the Hamas terrorist group has stolen thousands of blankets and food parcels that were meant for people in need in Gaza. This just days after President Obama had stated that he will send more than $20 million dollars in aid to the Gaza strip . It kind makes one wonder whose hands our hard earned money will end up in.

UN says Hamas seized Gaza food aid and blankets

Wed Feb 4
JERUSALEM – A U.N. spokesman says Hamas police in Gaza have seized thousands of blankets and food parcels meant for needy residents.

Spokesman Christopher Gunness says Hamas police raided a U.N. warehouse in Gaza City on Tuesday evening. He says police snatched 3,500 blankets and more than 400 food parcels.

The aid is vital now because Gazans are facing hardship after Israel's three-week military offensive against Hamas.

Hamas has ruled Gaza since it seized control of the territory in 2007. Gunness said Wednesday this is the first time Hamas has seized U.N. aid.

Israeli officials have charged that the militant group routinely confiscates supplies meant for needy Gazans.

A Hamas government spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

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The Munz said...

Does this surprise anyone? It is exactly what happened when Bill Clinton sent aid to Mogadishu.

Tonto said...

You guys don't get it. The muz are thugs. Throughout history they were thugs. They will continue to be thugs trying to legitimize themselves by claiming to be a religion. Their track record of thugishness is without blemish. They are very good good they make Tong, The Mafia and The Russian Mafia look like nice schoolkids gone bad. They should be killed on sight and a bounty collected foe each pair if ears.