Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rally For Rifqa Photos

Here are some pictures from this week's Rally for Rifqa, that were sent in by Pastor Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center.

Christian Activists Draw Attention To Rifqa Bary Case At Public Rally

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Dozens of Christian activists descended on Columbus Monday morning to rally in the name of Rifqa Barry, the central Ohio teenager who converted from Islam to Christianity. Bary fled to Florida during the summer, saying she feared her father would kill her because of her conversion.

Bary is now back in Ohio under foster care. Her case is moving through the legal system. A hearing scheduled for Monday was postponed until December 22.

Rally-goers said they are worried about Bary’s safety if she is returned to her parents.

“There is the larger question of, ‘Is Aamerica going to protect religious freedom at this time and allow this girl to make a choice in conscience to be a Christian, rather than a Muslim,“ asked Robert Spencer, a co-organizer of the rally.

A group of Christian activists that traveled to Columbus from Florida wore t-shirts criticizing the Islamic religion. Bary’s parents hope to regain custody.

Investigators in both Ohio and Florida have not found a credible threat to Rifqa Bary’s safety.

Link to Article

The group with the "Islam is of the Devil" shirts, is from the Dove World Outreach Center.

Mr. Spencer doing his usual great work.

Finally Pamela Geller, who helped organize the rally.

Great work guys!


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