Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hasan Wanted Patients to Face war Crimes Charges

According to past news accounts Islamic terrorist Hasan, stated that the "Infidels Should Have Their Throats cut", and "maybe the Muslims could stand up and fight against the aggressor". Amazingly neither of these statements were enough to have him discharged. The news this morning is even more disturbing, as our brave soldiers were forced to confide with Hasan and he was playing games with their minds. Stating that some of them should be charged with war crimes. Our so called military leaders should be ashamed of themselves, for allowing this to go on.

Fort Hood captain: Hasan wanted patients to face war crimes charges
November 17, 2009
By BROOKS EGERTON / The Dallas Morning News
Dave Michaels and Lee Hancock contributed to this report.

Fort Hood massacre suspect Nidal Malik Hasan sought to have some of his patients prosecuted for war crimes based on statements they made during psychiatric sessions with him, a captain who served on the base said Monday.

Other psychiatrists complained to superiors that Hasan's actions violated doctor-patient confidentiality, Capt. Shannon Meehan told The Dallas Morning News.

One day after the Nov. 5 attack that killed 13 and wounded 29, a Fort Hood official said she had never received complaints about Hasan's job performance. Col. Kimberly Kesling, deputy commander of clinical services at the base's Darnall Army Medical Center, also said he was a "hardworking, dedicated young man who gave great care to his patients."

Fort Hood officials did not respond to interview requests late Monday. They have declined in recent days to say anything about the major, citing the ongoing investigation.

Meehan said he learned of Hasan's prosecution requests from another base psychiatrist. That psychiatrist could not be reached for comment Monday.

The revelations add to a portrait of Hasan as a man at odds with many of those around him – emotionally, religiously and ideologically. He was, by various accounts, lonely, paranoid and increasingly zealous in his fundamentalist Islamic beliefs. He had been writing e-mails to a radical cleric in Yemen who called the U.S. war on terror a "war against Muslims" and advocated killing soldiers.

It wasn't clear Monday what information Hasan received from patients and what became of his requests for prosecution. ABC News, citing anonymous sources, reported that his superiors rejected the requests, and that investigators suspect this triggered the shootings.

Hasan may have been legally justified in reporting what patients disclosed, said Patrick McLain, a Dallas lawyer who specializes in military defense work and is not involved in the Hasan case. But it's impossible to be sure without knowing exactly what they said, he added.

"He was right on his authority to report it," said the ex-Marine, who formerly served as a court-martial judge. The Army teaches all service members that they have a duty to report evidence of war crimes.

Hasan's civilian lawyer in Central Texas, retired Col. John P. Galligan, did not respond to interview requests Monday. His client remains in a San Antonio military hospital, paralyzed from the waist down by police gunfire and facing premeditated murder charges.

Pain and guilt

Meehan, the Fort Hood captain, expressed skepticism with Hasan's requests that patients be prosecuted. "They're going in there confessing their pain and their guilt," he said, describing soldiers' postwar visits to therapists. "He's trying to turn it into a war crime."

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