Thursday, November 12, 2009

Columnist S. Chapman: US Soldiers Might Have Driven Hasan to Terrorism

Columnist Steve Chapman who bills himself as "solving the world's problems one post as at time", has written this truly ignorant article about the Islamic attack on Fort Hood.

Islam and Fort Hood
By Steve Chapman
Conservatives have been quick to trumpet the fact that the alleged killer at Fort Hood, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, is a Muslim--the implication being that Muslims are inherently untrustworthy, hostile to America, at odds with civilized norms of behavior or something. But if that were the case, incidents like this would be common, not rare. It would be absurd and dangerous to anathematize all American Muslims on the basis of one alleged murderer.

Has Steve been in a coma for the last few months? Obviously he missed all of the arrests of American Muslims and terror plots that have been broken up. This is besides that hate that is being preached against America. Here is a recent recap.

We have the Islamos of NY based preaching their hatred on the streets every week. The shootout with the now dead Detroit Imam who had a crew of Sharia loving Muslims, a US Muslim stating that homosexuals should be killed under Sharia Law, Boston Muslims that were plotting to open fire on random mall shoppers,, and there was also three other Islamic terror plots uncovered in one day here in America.

Are these actions not hostile to America Steve? Try and pay attention.
On top of his ignorance, Steve has the nerve to imply that the non-Muslim soldiers might have driven Hasan to turn into an Islamic terrorist.

It may be that Hasan subscribed to a jihadist ideology that drove him to kill his fellow soldiers. But it could be that Islam is just a distraction from more fundamental problems, such as insanity or just plain viciousness. Hasan reportedly complained of being harassed by his colleagues about his religion. Maybe he didn't think Islam was hostile to America; maybe they convinced him that America is hostile to Islam.

The Islamic victim card is pretty pathetic and part of the reason that the problems that stem from Islam are now in our backyard.

In his closing paragraph Steve goes into the full defense mode for Islam.

In any movement, religious or political, there are a few dangerous people. As a rule, all that proves about the movement in question is that it is composed of human beings. If it turns out Hasan is guilty, Islam is not the problem with him any more than Jodie Foster was the problem with John Hinckley.

Please point out any other religious or political movement that is causing problems across the world, like Islam is. You cannot Mr. Chapman.

His last sentence is some statement. So all of those Islamic warning signs, that have come to light have nothing to do with Islam? Obviously Steve finds life more comforting in fantasy land. Because what has has written in not the reality. People like Steve will never solve this problem, as he is part of it.


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