Sunday, November 8, 2009

End Muslim Immigration Mondays

In conjunction with Stop the Islamization of America, and 911 do More Then Never Forget, we are putting forward this joint call to end Muslim immigration.

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack at Fort Hood last week, we need to be honest with ourselves, in regards to what Muslim immigration brings to America. It is our Trojan Horse. Let us remember that this tragic event is not the only problem that Islam has recently brought to our great country.

We have the Islamos of NY based preaching their hatred on the streets every week. The shootout with the now dead Detroit Imam who had a crew of Sharia loving Muslims, a US Muslim stating that homosexuals should be killed under Sharia Law, Boston Muslims that were plotting to open fire on random mall shoppers,, and there was also three other Islamic terror plots uncovered in one day here in America. Please remember that this is all just some of the most recent problems with Islam.

This is besides the fact that the Christian Action Network has clearly documented that there are at least 35 Islamic terror training camps here already.

While it is very possible that not all of the Muslims involved in these actions came here through immigration, common sense tells that more Muslims being allowed to come here will lead to an increase in terror plots against us and our families. I am urging all readers to think of the safety of their loved ones and the future of America. It is time to stop worrying if Muslims are offended and contact your local representatives and demand the end of Muslim immigration. Our families future and safety depends on us being strong now. Please join me in this weekly call, which I will repeat every Monday morning as a reminder.
Your representatives can be reached HERE.
Also please take the time to sign the end Muslim immigration petition HERE.

Thank you,


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There's no doubt, the guy is completely right.

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