Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pro-Islam Signs on NYC Pedicabs

Here we see Muslims once again using the NYC public transportation system as a platform, while trying to bring more people to Islam. My suggestion is that if you see a pedicab with a pro-Islam ad on it, tell the driver that you do not accept Islam and will find another pedicab. Thank you.

Hat tip to our friend at the Vigilant Squirrel Brigade.

Ads for Islam is the way on Manhattan Pedicabs...

Ever since we first caught this on the streets of mid-town Manhattan (and had only a cellphone to grab a quick-pic before it rode up 8th Avenue)....

We've been wondering: WHY did that sign seem to disappear? Was there a complaint?

No idea....but...some pedicabs were posting regular ads on the back (some of them)and then this made an appearance the other day (is it an "ad"?)

Innocent? No Big Deal? Would you want to ride around in a pedicab with this advertisement on the back??

Personally, I would like to see some "Islam, just say NO" ads!


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