Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wyoming Tribune Eagle's Misinformation on Islam~Corrected!

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack on Fort Hood, we continue to see numerous media outlets spreading misinformation about Islam. Today it is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Lets make the appropriate corrections.

Local Muslims condemn acts of violence in name of their religion
By Baylie Evans

CHEYENNE - One local Muslim, Mohamed Salih, is clear in his feelings toward the Muslim man who allegedly went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood last week. He deserves to be at the "bottom of the biggest hell," Salih said.

There is a misconception among many non-Muslims that Islam, the religion that Muslims follow, encourages hate and violence. Really, it teaches the opposite, he said.

"(Violence) has no place in this religion," he said. "There is no god out there that would accept killing innocent people."

If you want to get technical Mohamed, under Islamic Law those murdered at Fort Hood were not "innocent people".

From the "Justice" chapter of Reliance of the Traveller
A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law


It is not permissible (A: in jihad) to kill women or children unless they are fighting against the Muslims. Nor is it permissible to kill animals, unless they are being ridden into battle against the Muslims, or if killing them will help defeat the enemy. It is permissible to kill old men (O: old man (shaykh) meaning someone more than forty years of age) and monks.

If I recall correctly the US Military is fighting against Muslims, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and sometimes Pakistan and Somalia. So there goes your "innocent" con..

And while non-Muslims can misunderstand Islam, so too can Muslims themselves.

Any person who commits an act of violence in name of Islam gravely misunderstands the religion, Salih said. Terrorists have misunderstood the Islamic duty of jihad, which means struggle.

The "greater jihad" is within one's self, Salih said, against egos and evil within. The "lesser jihad" means actions to defend one's self and family.

Or this Muslim can be lying.

o9.0 JIHAD
(O: Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and it etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion. And it is the lesser jihad.

Now an Islamic woman comes into the article.

Even nations can blur the line between religion and politics, Arshi Nisley, another local Muslim, added.

In some Islamic countries, women are not allowed to own property, divorce or have the same rights as men. But the religion allows women equal treatment and rights.

"I don't think that's religion at all," Nisley said. "I think that's politics."

It appears that this woman does not truly know much about Islam.

From the "Relations Between a Husband and Wives" chapter of Reliance of the Traveller
A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law


m10.3 (A: A husband may permit his wife to leave the house for a lesson in Sacred Law, for the invocation of Allah (dhikr), to see her female friends, or to go to any place in the town. A woman may not leave the city without her husband or a member of her unmarriageabe kin (def: m6.2) accompanying her, unless the journey is obligatory, like the hajj. It is unlawful for her to travel otherwise, and unlawful for her husband to allow her to.)

m10.4 The husband may forbid his wife to leave the home (O: because of the hadith related by Bayhaqi that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said,

"It is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to allow someone into her husband's house if he is opposed or to go out if he is averse")

These rulings are just part of the discrimination against women under Islam.


Both Salih and Nisley said they haven't encountered hostility from the local community. In fact, they've felt welcomed. Salih has worked hard to try to educate people about Islam. Violent acts by Muslims set his efforts back, he said.

The religion is already misunderstood by many, and every time a Muslim kills in the name of Islam, it undoes the work that many have done to dispel myths and misinformation. The Fort Hood shooter hurt Muslims twice, Salih said: their country and their religion.

Actually the entire article published in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle was full of misinformation. Maybe the author should do some actual research next time, and there is no need to thank me for the corrections. It was my pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Why are you so obsessed with us? I have news for you: no one's going to pay attention to the ramblings of an obsessed man. You think your arguments are rational but obsession isn't rational. I bet you secretly love us deep down inside lol. Salam

Christopher Logan said...

I have news for you, more and more people are paying attention. Of course you could't dispute the article, so you have to attack me.

Here is a clue, no matter what you say, I will continue to speak out.

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