Friday, November 6, 2009

Chicago Area Mosques Play Victim Card After Islamic Terror Attack on Fort Hood

Just this morning we read about Muslims at Fort Meyers playing the usual Islamic victim card. Of course other Muslims have followed their lead. This time Muslims of Chicago are looking to get the focus of non-Muslims, off of the Islamic attack and on to the security of them. Never let them take our focus off of the threat of Islam!

One of the Mosques in the Chicago is the Bridgeview Mosque. Here is a little back round information on them.

A plea from Bridgeview to a Saudi charity asked for money "before it becomes too late and we may lose our children because they are living in an unIslamic society." One mosque fundraising brochure warned that Chicago's Muslims were at risk of "melting in the American society, culture and lifestyle."

Sermons are in Arabic and claim authentic interpretations of the Koran along with following strict Islamic rule. Jamal Said mixes eloquent sermons with ardent pleas to help oppressed Muslims. As prayer leader, he preached that America was a land of disbelievers, where families were not valued. Some of the sheik's edicts include: don't celebrate Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving because those were not Islamic holidays. Don't listen to contemporary music. Women should not travel long distances without chaperons. Those that criticize mosque leaders to outsiders are "hypocrites".

Obviously a Mosque of the enemy, which means that they do not deserve to have one-cent of our money spent on them for special treatment.

Hat tip to dm60462.

Mosques boost security after killings
November 6, 2009

Mosques across the Chicago area are increasing security and asking Muslims to be vigilant for fear of retaliation following the Fort Hood shootings.

The suspect is a Muslim who’s accused of opening fire on fellow soldiers in a rampage that left 13 people dead and dozens injured.

The Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs of Chicago has sent e-mails asking Muslims to be more careful, especially on Friday, the day Muslims hold communal prayers.

The Mosque Foundation president in Bridgeview says he’s called police to put them on high alert. Zaher Sahloul says he fears something could be done to Muslims because of “misguided anger.”

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago has instructed imams to address Thursday’s shooting and talk generally about violence in America.

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