Saturday, November 7, 2009

FACEBOOK PAGE: Praying for the Recovery of Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan (Fort Hood Shooter)

An Islamocreep named Khadeeja Nuur out of Washington D.C. has created a Facebook page in support of the Fort Hood terrorist Malik Hasan. Hasan is a traitor to our country and so is Nuur. The enemy is amongst us.

Hat tip to Machogirl.

Here is the info.

Praying for the recovery of Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan


Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes


Together we pray for the recovery of Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan, MD. May Allah see fit to return this loyal son of Islam back to perfect health. Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.

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Here are some of the comments.

Khadeeja Nuur I work for an Islamic-interest organization, lobbying on behalf of those we represent. From where else would you have me do my work?

Khadeeja Nuur Dr. Hasan has not been charged w/ anything! All we know is that he is wounded.<

Hussamaldin Hameed nidal malik is a brave mujahid,,he did jihad ,,he did kill the killers(american soldiers) that was going to iraq and afganistan to fight the islamic greeting and pray for him,,we will never forget you brother nidal,,and i made this video for you

brother mujahid nidal malik hasan
At 5:30 mark, we see the Revenge of the Muslims part with footage of the attacker.

Khadeeja Nuur Friends:

As the Zionist media continue to portray Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan as a villain, it is vitally important, now more than ever, that we take a unified stand against Arab/Islamic defamation.

To that end, please consider giving, as generously as you are able, to these outstanding American-Arab/Islamic-interest organizations:

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR):

The Arab American Institute (AAI):

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination (ADC):

Any support is greatly appreciated.

It is no surprise that she supports the pro-Sharia organization, the Council on American Islamic Relations. (CAIR). Maybe she even works for them.

Khadeeja Nuur Dr. Hasan is on the DHS Presidential Task Force: (page 32). Change is coming. Embrace Allah.

It is a real shame that lowlifes like Khadeeja even get to live in our great country. This woman does not deserve our freedoms, she deserves to see the inside of a military prison!


mgcman said...

filthy muslim skank. You are helping us to expose your devilish religion

Canada life insurance said...

But this is disgusting! And also I think, Hasan was abused here for some creepy religious purposes, because as I read, what happened, and I of course condemned such an act, but I also understood, it was some kind of a nervous breakdown by a desperate person, that lead to this horrible incident. Lorne

Unknown said...

He is a Traitor! He should be hanged. As an Officer, he took an oath to uphold the Constitution. What a chicken shit bastard! When he is hanged, there should be a yellow stripe painted down his back! I'll personally paint it there and pull the lever! (AFTER I spit in his face)!

Snarky Basterd said...

Sure...I hope he lives. So he can be hung in public, or maybe decapitated and crucified, as they'd do to him in Saudi Arabia.

Unknown said...

How can you wish this murderous filth well? I hope he gets the Electric Chair, Gas or whatever other form of execution awarded in that state for his COWARDLY shooing of unarmed men & women. Good job Officer Kim Munley (A WOMAN) in stopping this SWINE.

Anonymous said...

Here a comment from the Netherlands, I hope and pray that you will burn in hell ,or that great American soldiers feed your miserable body to the pigs you muslim creep. You awful satanic people from the dessert don't belong in our country's you are destroying our way of life , our Freedom and Democraty !

Alan Whitenton said...

Let's all pray for the speedy recovery of Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan so he can get back to the Military and kill hundreds more! He hasn't killed enough in the eyes of Allah and we can't be hate mongers and deny him the chance to kill more Americans based on his religious beliefs. Because we believe in freedom on religion in... America! (Except if you are Christian. Then you are a stupid bastard that is just trying to kill science and molest children......)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice her uncanny resemblance to Jabba the hut?

Anonymous said...

I'll pray for Midal Malik DIE a very slow painful death. Dear Lord..please take the life of Nidal Malik Hasan. This is a man who murdered people in cold blood, unarmed, defenceless people Lord. Lord please help the family members as they struggle all because Nidal Malik Hasan was a coward in uniform and took the lives of their loved ones.Amen
There you go..thats MY prayer!!!

Anonymous said...

Learn the truth about islam.
What Hasan did was fully supported by the koran.

The 'prophet' moooohammud was a violent, child-marrying, Jew-hating/killing/beheading, 7th century warlord/rapist.

Muslims consider him the perfect man of god. He is their pristine example!

Rose said...

I too pray for his complete recovery, I want him healthy when they put the needle in his arm as he dies by the hand of the State.

The West needs to impliment Treason Laws, supporting terrorist or terrorism isn't free speech it's treason pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

I hope this scumbag traitor recovers to stand trial and when he is convicted turn him over to me. I will make sure he dies a slow painful death, all I need is four stakes some rawhide straps and a fire ant hill. I'll soak the rawhide in water then spread eagle this traitor over the fire ant hill and tie him to the stakes with rawhide straps. As the rawhide dries it will shrink, stretching his limbs slowly and painfully as the fire ants sting him and feast on his filthy skin.

surj said...

From muslim's Quran Sura9:111"Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them Paradise,they will fight for the cause of Allah, they will Kill and be Killed" Isn't that what muslims are doing all over the world? Sura 5:51"Believers ,take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends and protectors for they are friends and protectors of one another.Whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them shall become one of their number.Allah does not guide the wrong doers" Quran is full of hatred towards the Jews and Christians.I say Quran MUST be banned in the WEST. see Its time to wake up.

surj said...

It doesn't matter even if a Muslim is of 1st,2ed,3rd generation born in US,his/her loyalty is to Islam first and foremost NOT US.That is the very reason you see people like Nidal,Khadeeja Nurr acting the way they do. If nothing is done I predict that Islam will take over US in 100 years from now.You already have people like them in US,you would not be needing enemies from outside.Afro-American and White American convert to Islam will do the job for Islam from within.see this Islam is EVIL

Anonymous said...

As a retired military member, I wish the families of those who were murdered, or wounded by the Muslim freak Hasan. I too hope he regains his health, so he can be given a fair and honest trial, then insert that needle into his arm. Rot in Hell hasan...

Thomas said...

I'll pray for him allright!I'll pray for him to DIE a slow painful
death that piece of muslim S*%T
camel turd!After he's dead I hope all his virgins turn out to be drag queens with herpes!LONG LIVE
U.S.A. and ISRAEL!I can't wait to see ISRAEL kick more muslim ass!

Kaley said...

I don't know about this. I'm doing my own poking around - for personal reasons - about whether or not this person really exists. First she says she's from Detroit, now from DC. I'm going to see what I can find out. But one thing sticks out like a big red flag and that is that no Muslim, especially wing nut Salafi jihobbiyists are going to say "sallalahu alayhi wa sallam" for anyone other than their main man Mo, let alone a 'regular' person who isn't even a sahabi or big shaikh. It's borderline taboo.

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Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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