Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Religious Leader Says Islam is the Problem

Ansher Intrater one of the founders of the Jewish Messianic movement has come out and spoken the truth. He has named our enemy and that enemy is Islam itself. Hopefully other religious leaders from all non-Islamic religions will follow his lead, as 1400 years of silence has only strengthened the enemy.

Threatens Repeat of Mumbai Terror
By Jeremy Reynalds

One of the founders of the Jewish Messianic movement has openly identified Islam as being a threat to the world.

In an online article written following the devastating attacks in Mumbai, in which almost 200 people were killed, Asher Intrater said,“Islamic Jihad is an international movement - coordinated, planned, and well-financed. Its goal is to destroy Western civilization, kill Christian missionaries, and destroy the State of Israel. It is deeply rooted in Islamic religious indoctrination. Terror is part of Jihad, and Jihad is part of Islam.”


In a related story, the Times of India reported that the terrorist group which claimed responsibility for the Mumbai attacks is threatening a new wave of killings in Delhi.

The Times said the e-mail warned “of a repeat of the Mumbai terror attack at Indira Gandhi International Airport and the three major railway stations” in Delhi.

The Times said authorities have stepped up security.

Meanwhile, one radical Islamic fundamentalist was busy writing at a password protected al-Qaeda affiliated website.

Commenting on a Reuters news article posted on the site where an economist had stated that the Mumbai attacks could hurt the Indian economy, the Islamic said, “Temporary? May Allah make it permanent.”

Intrater said, “Let us pray for Muslims the world over to turn away from this madness and to find grace in Yeshua (Jesus). Let us also pray for government, military, and police leaders around the world to fight against terrorism.”

Asher Intrater and his wife Betty Asher and Betty Intrater are the directors of Revive Israel Ministries, an organization dedicated to revival in Israel.

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moderationist said...

Muslims are expert at fighting the cultural war. The jews must put a face on this child forever. Release photos of the tortured bodies along with the face of the child. Awful though it would be, it would be absolutely powerful. And not allow muslims once again to whine that muslim terrorism is just a few naughty boys.

Christopher Logan said...

The over used it is only a few excuse needs to be retired, as Muslims are voting terrorist groups into their governments across the Middle East.

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