Thursday, December 18, 2008

Egyptian Student Gets 15 Years in Fla. Terror Case

When two Muslim students were arrested late last year in South Carolina CAIR called it racial and religious profiling. Well the judge has called it terrorism and has sentenced one of them to 15 years in jail.

Egyptian student gets 15 years in Fla. terror case
By MITCH STACY – 7 hours ago

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — An Egyptian student attending a Florida university was sentenced to 15 years in prison Thursday for making a YouTube video showing would-be terrorists how to turn a remote-control toy into a bomb detonator.

U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday said the public needed to be protected from 27-year-old Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, who made the video "to empower others through his teaching to deliver death, destruction and, at the very least, panic."

Merryday handed the maximum sentence to the former University of South Florida graduate student, brushing aside his attorneys' pleas for leniency and the minimum eight-year sentence.

"This is an intelligent man who made a very bad mistake," one his attorneys, Linda Moreno, said afterward. "This is a sad day."

A. Brian Albritton, U.S. attorney for Florida's middle district, said prosecutors were satisfied that Mohamed got the maximum sentence.

As part of a plea agreement, Mohamed pleaded guilty in June to providing material support to terrorism.

The video was found on a laptop computer in the car he was driving when pulled over near Charleston, S.C., in August 2007. Prosecutor Robert Monk said the 12-minute clip got nearly 800 hits before it was removed from the video-sharing site, but there was no evidence that anyone used it to do harm.

In the video, Mohamed demonstrates how to convert a remote-controlled car from Wal-Mart into a bomb detonator. He speaks in Arabic, saying he wants to teach "martyrdoms" and "suiciders" how to save themselves so they can continue to fight invaders, including U.S. soldiers.

"Instead of the brethren going to, to carry out martyrdom operations, no, may God bless him, he can use the explosion tools from a distance and preserve his life ... for the real battles," he says, according to a translation in the plea agreement.

During the nearly six-hour hearing, Monk painted Mohamed as a radical Muslim who hates America and "embraces a violent and extreme ideology." His attorneys acknowledged that he was a young student with unpopular political views who made a stupid mistake, but noted that he never hurt anyone.

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Christopher Logan said...

He needs to be deported as soon as he gets out of jail. While in there with his Koran he will just fill himself with more hate.

Thorum said...

Finally a bit of good news!!

Thorum said...

Hey Christopher, sometimes it seems like an uphill battle. Have you heard the latest from the Dhimmified UN?
Check it out. It is sure to piss you off!!

Dr. Dave said...

Jihadists are now on Facebook:

Christopher Logan said...

That is ridiculous, it is time for all freedom loving nations to pull out of the UN. As the strongest voting bloc is the Islamic OIC and they should not be able to dictate terms at all.

Dr. Dave,
Thanks they are everywhere. Nice site.

Tonto said...

I have long advocated kicking the UN off the American continent, but first, collect on all the parking tickets and fines, by seizing all their expensive cars if necessary. For this twit muz that gave bombing lessons on youtube, I hope he leaves jail in high heels and a dress. Then, kick his ass back to wherever he came from.

Dinah Lord said...

Good news, indeed.

I'm wondering what CAIR is saying now. Those traitorous bastards.

P.S. tonto: Make that high heels, a dress AND lipstick.

Christopher Logan said...

I agree with you as usual.

surj said...

Don't let him have access to Quran in prision. Be weary of Islam and muslims. log on

Christopher Logan said...

You are correct Surj, thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Bob A. here,
Muslims in prison tend to try and often get other converts. Agree with surj, don't let him practice his cult of hatred, death and destruction. It is time for the west to wake up and see Islamists for what they really are.

Anonymous said...

That should be, sorry
Bob A.

Tonto said...

I was just thinking that with just a little "reach", this boy's actions could be ground for charges of treason and a much longer sentence. That would give him more quality time with Tyrone.

Anonymous said...

I discovered a jihad training camp last year among other things. It was taken care of but there's a lot more going on that is very disturbing to me. I don't understand why CAIR is aloud to be here anymore. Aren't they officially on the terror list of the FBI now? I am very frustrated and have to pray against the emotion of hatred for myself...

Christopher Logan said...

Bob A,
I will check out your site in the morning.

Can you give us more details? Our govt is doing us no favor by allowing CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood front groups operate here.

Anonymous said...

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