Tuesday, December 2, 2008

India:50 Islamic Scholars Form a Protest

The only problem is that they were not speaking out against the latest Islamic terrorist attacks in India. They came out against the anti-terrorism banners that some political parties have put up in India. The so called scholars have condemned the banners by saying that they are insulting to Islam. Did these 50 men form a protest against the attacks?

Anti-Islam posters irk clerics
3 Dec 2008, Mohammed Wajihuddin, TNN

MUMBAI: A group of Muslim clerics is up in arms against some objectionable words used in anti-terrorism banners put up by many political parties

around the city.
Around 50 ulema (religious scholars) gathered at the office of the Jamia Qadriya Ashrafia, an organisation of Sunni Muslims, on Maulana Shaukat Ali Road in Central Mumbai on Tuesday and protested against the banners that describe terror attacks as "Muslim atankwad'' and "Islamic atankwad''. This, the clerics felt, might spark off clashes.

The ulema have also planned to take out a peace rally from Minara Masjid to Mastan Talab Maidan on December 5.

"Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. The banners club Islam with terrorism and can spark off communal clashes,'' Jamia Qadriya Ashrafian president Syed Moin Ashraf said.

The ulema seem to have reached a consensus on declaring the terrorists non-Muslims. "A Muslim cannot be involved in such despicable acts of massacre of innocent people. We don't accept that the bombers who created mayhem in Mumbai were Muslims,'' he said.

On Sunday, a Muslim group approached the management of the Bada Qabrastan in Charni Road, requesting it not to allow the nine killed terrorists to be buried there. The government has finally decided to bury them outside the city.

The ulema assured the government of full co-operation in fight against terrorism. "We have always backed the Indian government's war against terrorism. We are only opposed to the demonisation of Islam," said Maulana Mansoor Ali Khan, general secretary, All-India Sunni Jamiatul Ulema.

He also stressed the need to stop some political parties from an anti-Muslim campaign as part of their agenda to polarise the voters before elections. "In the name of condemning terrorism, some parties are blaming Islam. This will break our social fabric,'' Khan said.

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Christopher Logan said...

Can someone please translate this?

"Muslim atankwad'' and "Islamic atankwad'

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

islam kills and kills again and these yoyo's think it is getting bad PR?

Tell that to the families of the dead -- not just in India but in NY, London, Spain, etc. etc. etc.

-- freedumb2003

USpace said...

These so-called Religious 'Leaders' are absolutely insane, it really boggles the mind. Appeasing such madness however, is even more insane. Thanks for stopping by, great job on your blog. You are linked.

Let’s hope India leads a more successful investigation than the USA’s pathetic investigation of 9/11. They should of arrested 50+ people I imagine. I bet India will pin it on at least some terrorist sympathizers, as long as they aren’t Muslims. We all know that it is the Hindus who want to kill all the Jews. In NY these scum-terrorist monkeys would have been blown away by the NYPD long before they killed 10 people probably.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
call yourself a policeman

if you are afraid of thugs
and refuse to put them down
No matter how many terrorist attacks there are, and no matter what groups carry them out, we must never fear, resist or mock the precious and ever peaceful Islam. Who are we to say that raping 6 year-olds is immoral? Who are we to say that stoning gays and rape victims to death is evil?

Who are we to say that killing hundreds of people every month in the name of Allah is the height of evil? That is just their culture and ideology and it MUST be respected. Morality is all relative, we must remember that.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
all planets Islamic

Earth is one of many
in process of conversion

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
many Taliban planets

stonings and beheadings
billions served daily

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
allow Islamic conquest

enjoy the dhimmi life
of second class citizens

absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
convert the infidels

or make them pay a tax
if they don’t want to die

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Halt Terrorism Today!


USpace said...

Just found this:

"Terrorism means little in ‘hotbed’ of ISI activity ... this correspondent asked people if atankwad (terrorism) was an issue in the elections."



Saajan said...


i am a hindu,
i dont see any problem if you are jews/christan/buddhist/jain/ or resp. anything either russian or american, you are my friend

except muslim and pakistani..

and for information, i bet israel is a country who is helping india frm start...

so i dont understand why hindu will kill jews??
i never heard of any fight between jews and hindu, while in mumbai alone 100,000 jews lives.
and i respect them.

i have jews and christan friend.
but no muslim bcoz of there culture, that sucks.

we celebrate x-mas just like diwali... i never found any difference between them.

those all muz r just same, 'an asso!' you too.. get a life.

(i hope i understood ur post)



Anonymous said...

atankwad is Hindi word for terrorism. Hindus are living under the threats of Islams from last 1000 years. They killed men and raped women. They robbed and destroyed temples. Even still Hindus pay for their Haz trips and Madrsa as 'Dhimmi tax' to Muslims. The political scenario is roughand corrupt because of these people. They are united and vote for the parties which provide them special benefits such as job reservation. Any voice of Hindus against Muslims is reported as Hindu Fundamentalist in Indian media, since most of reporters and politicians still live in Mogul or queen world.

Anonymous said...

Hey USpace
"We all know that it is the Hindus who want to kill all the Jews."
How did you concluded that? please specify.
It will be last thing to do for a Hindu- to kill anyone even an animalor enemy.

Anonymous said...

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