Saturday, May 23, 2009

US:Muslims Lose bid to Halt Sale of Alcohol

American Muslims who once again tried use the law to advance their religion have been defeated again. Hopefully we will see more of this and Muslims will become discouraged from coming here.

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The Hill to sell alcohol next week despite mosque concern

By Jessie Pounds
May 8, 2009

KNOXVILLE -- The Hill restaurant in Fort Sanders, which has been the source of controversy over sales of alcohol, will open Wednesday despite concern by members of an adjacent mosque.

The Hill owner Trevor Hill said he found out this week that his request for a liquor license has been granted by the state.

Members of Anoor mosque, which is 191 feet from the restaurant at 1105 Forest Ave., have been upset about the possibility of a business that sells alcoholic drinks and stays open late being located on property next to their mosque.

Some mosque members tried to block Hill from getting a liquor license but were unsuccessful. Knoxville’s local beer ordinance establishes a 300-foot buffer zone around churches and other community institutions for a beer permit but waives the requirement if the establishment is granted a state liquor license.

According to Nadeem Siddiqi of Anoor, mosque members aren’t surprised that the liquor license request went through because they received word from Nashville that the process was a purely administrative one by the state Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Siddiqi said mosque members continue to have concerns about the proximity of Hill’s business but intend to let the matter rest for now.

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