Saturday, May 9, 2009

American Grand Jury

By Alex Gofen

The presidential campaign and occupation of the highest position in our country by Mr. Obama/Soetoro present a gross violation of the Constitution, requiring that the President be a Natural Born Citizen of the US.

The Natural Born Citizenship (think "inherited citizenship", "single loyalty") is much more than common citizenship. It is a twofold criterion requiring that both parents be the US citizens and the birth must take place on American soil.

Obama/Soetoro does not satisfy this criterion because of multiple reasons:

Whistleblower, April 2009 ($7.50)

Detailed legal brief by Dr. Orly Taitz.

A short legal brief in a form of generic letter to Nancy Pelosi.

"What is Natural Born Citizenship"?

The grotesqueness of the situation is in that so far not one court of our Nation has heard the case in its merits. Instead they sabotaged over 25 attempts to file the case under ridiculous pretext of "No standing".

The juridical struggle now continues in two directions.

Dr. Orly Taitz keeps filing more cases whose plaintiffs are military personnel. The "No standing" pretext would not work for them.

Another direction is the activity called American Grand Jury, a "we the people" grass root initiative, aiming at formal indictment of the impostor by many teams of Grand Jurors, and then forcing courts to hear the case:


Join American Grand Jury!

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