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My Exchange With Hollywood Filmmaker Kamran Pasha Part III

At the conclusion of "My Exchange With Hollywood Filmmaker Kamran Pasha Part II", I had proved that Pasha was not giving us the correct information when he said that only Shiites, are allowed to lie in Islam. Here was his next in the exchange.

Have you ever read Rumi? Or Hafez? What do you know of Sufism, the mystical path of love for all mankind and all religions that is popular throughout the Muslim world? If you have no knowledge about this area, I would be happy to provide you links to books on



And your reference to the hadiths appear to be an intentional misreading of the intent behind the words. I think you would agree that if someone is trying to kill you for your beliefs, you would in all likelihood refrain from telling him what is in your heart. You are referencing a hadith about war, and you seem to believe that Muslims today living peacefully in the West are nonetheless "at war" and believe they are free to lie about everything to everyone. What a strange vision of life. In your heart, you know that isn't true, even if your anger clouds your sight.

I am not at war with anyone. No one is trying to kill me for my beliefs in America, so what do I have to conceal? You are twisting the spirit and intention of the words in the same way as the Muslim radicals. Both of you want Islam to be evil, but the majority of us Muslims aren't going to go along with it.

God bless you, and may you befriend gentle and kind-hearted Muslims who will show you what our faith is really about.

Best wishes,

In his response he had brought up Sufism, which is not what is being spread across the West. It was just another attempeted distraction by him, but I address it anyway and his false claim that Hadiths about lying were only at a time of war.

Pasha, the readings are very clear. Plenty of these examples from the Hadiths have nothing to do with war.
Muhammad admits to lying and encourages Muslims to do likewise.

It does not matter if Muslims are peaceful now (and there have been Islamic attacks on non-Muslims here) as their power rises so does the violence. That can be seen across the world from the UK, to Russia, China, the Philippines, India, and Thailand etc. Muslims also do not have to be violent to takeover. The plan of Muslim Brotherhood is to takeover within the law. Muslims know very well how to use the freedoms of the West against the West to slowly change things to suit Islam. My vision is not strange as more and more people are waking up to the harsh reality of Islam. I am not angry at all, just aware and I am not twisting anything as Mohammad himself was a terrorist. The majority of Muslims do go along with Islamic dominance as non-Muslims are oppressed across the Islamic world and Muslims do nothing to change that.

As far as Sufi goes.... The followers of sufism claim that it is rooted in Muslim culture and tradition, whereas there are factions of Islam — especially Salafism and Wahhabism — that consider Sufism heretical.

Wabbabism is true Islam and that is what is being spread across the West.

Sufi is for Sharia, so that means that it is an ideology that is no friend of the West.
It also says the tariqa (or way) is Mohammed's actions. Mohammad was a rapist and terrorist. This is what you want me to support?

Sufism and Islamic law
Scholars and adherents of Sufism sometimes describe Sufism in terms of a threefold approach to God as explained by a tradition (hadîth) attributed to the Prophet Muhammad,"The Shariah is my words, the tariqa is my actions, and the haqiqa is my interior states". Sufis believe theshariah, tariqa and haqiqa are mutually interdependent.[51]



At this point Pasha could not come up with anymore deflections or excuses for Islam, so he left off once again trying to make me the bad guy for pointing out the truth about Islam. While he was obviously deceptive during this entire exchange he really over does the claim of friendship here.

Your statement that Wahhabism is true Islam said it all, my friend. That is what both you and the Muslim extremists want to believe. You are mirror images and can have each other. Nobody wants that fundamentalist interpretation of Islam except for crazies on the fringe of the Muslim community and people like you that want a monster to fight.

I will let you go in peace. Your heart is hard and wants only to be angry, even when someone offers you love and a hand of friendship. If you look at the tone of each of our emails, I think the differences between our hearts is very clear.


In my final response to him I point out that he has made another false claim when he stated that only Muslims on the fringe of the Muslim community want Wahhabism.

In other words you cannot refute a word of my last email. I have no tone as I have no hatred for you. I am just a straight talker and like I said earlier, awareness is not anger. But all you can do is try and make me look like the bad guy for pointing out the truth. There is nothing for a non-Muslim to like about Islam advancing in the West. Fact is that Wahhabi Mosques are opening across the West, America included and Muslims are attending them. So your statement that Muslims do not want that "interpretation" is as false as your claim the Muslims in Europe want to integrate.

Here is a Wahhabi Mosque in Illinois that attracts 10,000 worshipers a week.

Bridgeview Mosque Illinios

Wahhabi (Arabic: Al-Wahhābīyya‎ الوهابية) or Wahhabism was a reformist movement of Sunni Islam attributed to Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab, an 18th century scholar from what is today known as Saudi Arabia, who advocated a return to the practices of the first three generations of Islamic history


Saudi Arabia is the heart of Islam. If that ever changes please let me know.

The only thing that you have offered is deceitfulness. The differences between our hearts are very clear, I am being honest and you are not.


Pasha has failed to respond to the fact that Wahhabi Mosques are being opened across America and the West and that there is no "moderate" Muslim movement against them. When he ran out of "spin", he ran away.

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