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Muslims Against Sharia~Exposed!

These two comments were recently left for me on Facebook by the so called "moderate" Muslim Khalim Massoud. Khalim is the president of the Muslims Against Sharia organization. Recently he has been exposed on several sites for the fraud that he is and I will continue to expose him here over the next week or so.

Khalim wrote on your Wall:

"Chris is a degenerate who claims that Christians do not consider the Bible God's word. Try to have an intelligent discussion with this kind of moron."

Khalim also commented on his link:

"What kind of an demented ass would claim that the Bible is not considered by Christians to be God's word? All you can do is bitch. You bring nothing to the table in terms of actual facts. Provide your scholarly opinions on religion elsewhere."

After the hate filled Khalim posted these comments he blocked me from his thread, so I could not respond to him. But I saw where all this was heading earlier and saved all the email notifications from Facebook which shows his posts and a fellow Facebook member was kind enough to cut and past the exchange for me.

I never stated that Christians do not consider the Bible the word of God. Here is what I said.... "The Bible is man's words." (The funny part is that when I said this, Khalim agreed with me.) My point was that Christianity has evolved and Islam cannot reform because the Koran is supposed to be the literal word's of Allah. The Bible is God-breathed/God-inspired, which means that God used the writers of the Bible to tell the story with each of their own perspective....with the exception of the 10 Commandments, which Moses is said to have delivered directly from God. (If any Christians are offended, I do apologize. As I am pro-Christianity. But this is not what angered Khalim, it was my comments about Islam, which will be shown later. Khalim has a habit of running his foul mouth, which will also be shown later.)

Here is the start of a multi-part series which lead up to this point.

As Islam continues to march across the West as a seemingly unstoppable force most non-Muslim Westerners are clinging to the slim hope that some form of "moderate" Islam comes to the rescue. Personally I think that it is never going to happen. Although there is one organization that I wanted to believe in, but I do not anymore. That organization is called "Muslims Against Sharia".

Around the time of the Swift Plant controversy, MAS started to leave some comments on my site.

This was our exchange in the
"Tancredo Proposes Anti-Sharia Bill" article.

Muslims Against Sharia said...
Muslims Against Sharia praise Congressman Tancredo's initiative. We advocated similar measures in the past and fully support "Gihad Prevention Act"
"Any person from a country where a substantial part of the population is pro-Sharia should not be allowed in the West, not only as an immigrant, but even as a visitor with a few exceptions, i.e., political asylum or as a diplomat etc. ... Every legal immigrant should be allowed to stay only if he/she did not display desire to establish a Sharia state in a host country. Any naturalized citizen who displays a desire to establish a Sharia state in a host country should have his/her citizenship revoked and promptly deported. I think the latter two groups is where the real danger lies." Linda Ahmed, FrontPage Magazine, July 24, 2008

For the record Linda Ahmed is in Sweden.

"Anyone who proclaims Islamic extremist views should be tried for sedition, since we are at war with radical Islam, or at the very least, promptly deported." Khalim Massoud, FrontPage Magazine, September 9, 2008

MAS Tancredo Anti-sharia measure. September 21, 2008 12:34 PM

Christopher Logan said...
Muslims against Sharia,
Did your organization ever go up against CAIR? September 21, 2008 7:03 PM

Muslims Against Sharia said...
Christopher Logan,

We often expose CAIR's true agenda on our blog, CAIR September 22, 2008 8:04 AM

Christopher Logan said...
Thanks I will check that out. What is your groups stance on the Swift Plant issue? Personally I think that no religion should get catered to in that way. September 22, 2008 11:30 AM

Muslims Against Sharia said...
Our stand on a Swift plant issue. September 22, 2008 12:46 PM

Christopher Logan said...
I see that you gave Swift your no sharia award. But there is no statement against the Muslims who were imposing there. It would of been great if your group would of went to the demonstrations to talk to those Muslims. September 22, 2008 12:59 PM

Muslims Against Sharia said...
We don't do this type of thing for security reasons. September 22, 2008 1:05 PM

Christopher Logan said...
It would get your group a lot of support from non-Muslims. Because if (moderate) Muslims do not start countering those who want to impose Sharia on us all, nothing will change.

September 22, 2008 1:13 PM

Muslims Against Sharia said...
"It would get your group a lot of support from non-Muslims."

Yeah, but it may also get us killed. Polls. September 22, 2008 10:04 PM

To me this is just an excuse, as Salman Rushdie makes public appearances. (Pictured:Salman Rushdie having a discussion with Emory University students.)

I doubt very much that Khalim is anywhere near the target that Mr. Rushdie is.

Christopher Logan said...

You think that would happen in America? For instance if your organization went and counter demonstrated against the Muslims there. Because if secular Muslims who do not want to impose on non-Muslims do not start countering Sharia loving Muslims, moderate Muslims will never take control of the Islamic world.

Unless of course that you see another way. September 22, 2008 10:37 PM

MAS never responded to my last post. Common sense tells us that "moderate" Muslims need to have dialogue with sharia loving Muslims if anything is to change. Them posting their picture "award" means and changes absolutely nothing. Also if MAS is not willing to engage other Muslims, how will they rally other Muslims to their "cause"? From this point on I had my doubts about MAS. The first statement under the goals of the MAS is this.


To educate Muslims about dangers presented by Islamic religious texts and why Islam must be reformed.

Apparently this is a lie as they clearly admitted that they will not do this. I have searched their site and done a Google search. The results have been that I have not been able to find one link proving that they have given a lecture at any University or Mosque. I have also not been able to find them posting on Islamic sites trying to educate Muslims as they state as their #1 goal.

The truth is that them posting news articles changes nothing. It is a bit strange that they hang around conservative sites all the time but not on Islamic ones or giving speeches. Which leads me to believe that they might be in this for the donations as they are playing off of the hope that many have. The hope that "moderate" Muslims have finally taken a strong stand. If they are not going to hit the streets to engage other Muslims, there is obviously no reason to donate to them.

In the upcoming segments of this series, with the help of a criminal investigator who has 17+ years experience in the field, who has done local, state and federal investigations I will show more of the hate filled personality of Khalim and his flat out lies.
(For the record the investigator is not Bill Warner who has also exposed MAS recently.)

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