Saturday, May 23, 2009

Greece:Islamic Prayer Center Firebombed

In this follow up to the "Muslims Clash With Greek Police for Second day" article, non-Muslims strike back. Now it is just a matter of time until the Muslims there play the victim card.

Athens Muslim group attacked in wake of violent protests

At least three people were hospitalized in Athens on Saturday morning after a firebomb attack on a shop used as a Muslim prayer center for immigrants

Police said unknown assailants smashed the shop's windows and poured gasoline inside before igniting it, a police source said.

The attack came a day after clashes between more than 1,000 Muslim protesters and Greek police in central Athens prompted by the alleged desecration of a copy of the Koran by police.

The march was organized by leftist, immigrant and anti-racism groups. Violence broke out after the rally when a group of protesters began throwing projectiles at police.

Immigrant groups allege that an Athens police officer tore apart and stepped on the Koran of a coffee shop customer during a police check in central Athens late Thursday. Police said they have launched an investigation into the incident.

Some 46 protesters were arrested Friday during the clashes, while seven Muslim immigrants and seven policemen were hospitalized for treatment. More than 70 cars and around a dozen businesses were damaged in the clashes, which sent tourists running for cover in nearby hotels.

Muslim hardships

Many Muslims in Athens use abandoned factories and converted coffee shops as makeshift prayer houses. Some Muslim groups have complained of police brutality and poor treatment by officials in the past.

Athens is the only European capital which does not have a proper mosque or cemetery to serve its more than 300,000 Muslim residents, mainly from various parts of northern Africa and Pakistan.

At present, the only operating mosques in Greece are in the north-eastern region of Thrace, home to some 100,000 Muslims.

Larger protests on Thursday saw around 1,500 Muslim immigrants rally before the march degenerated into violence with police resorting to tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Editor: Andreas Illmer

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DHH said...

Greece is famous for its anarchists, violent demonstrations and equally rough if not violent police response.

That the new immigrant Muslims reacted in the same fashion is therefore not suprising as is the fire-bombing.

Nothing to do with Islam or Muslim here, just another example of the Greek style of things.

Christopher Logan said...

Right, they are protesting over the Koran being torn up, but it has nothing to do with Islam. I am sure you would not be trying to get the focus off of holding the Muslims responsible for their behavior.

DHH said...

Christopher, it has to do with Islam only in that their core beliefs and most important factor in their very faith was insulted.
The showing of the Piss Christ and Crucified Frog exhibitions resulted in firebombings in Italy and Spain, massive and somewhat violent demonstrations in all catholic centres around the world, especially in Manila. The point is Christopher, is that when the basic tennants and critical emotions are attacked or insulted, there is anger - but again it has nothing to do with just being Muslim, a Torrah or Bible in the wrong place would end in the same result.

I am also sure it has to do with the Greek Police whom have a very bad reputation. I was part of my country's (Netherlands) law enforcement/national security for more than 20 years and most European countries rather disliked dealing with the Greek police.

Christopher Logan said...

DHH, please save this nonsense for someone else. No other group behaves like Muslims do across the world. Christianity gets attacked all the time and Christians keep their cool. Muslims are always "insulted" and no non-Muslim has to respect Islam. I never will. If they cannot take it, that is their problem.

Also the Muslim victim card does not fly here either, so the excuse that it is the fault of the Greek police does not cut it. Their behavior is their fault.

The point is that you are either a Muslim or a dhimmi leftist.

Abu Abdullah said...

Well, look at who's here: DHH, Mr. White Dutch who converted to Islam at 17, gone native by marrying a Moroccan wife and retiring to live in Marrakesh, Morocco, a self-proclaimed big shot Con-Sultan on terrorist finance, and an infiltrator/apologist for Islam in the Dutch security service. He was spouting the same crap here. said...

I suppose everyone must browse on this.