Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who Has Queen Isabella's Jewels?

This article was sent in by Paul Stanner an English teacher over in China. Please give his site a visit here.

Who Has Queen Isabella's Jewels?
By Paul Stanner

I have a question for you all to ponder today. First however I will provide a little background information. In the last ten years or so we have seen the beheading of Daniel Pearl for being an " infidel " , 3,000 innocents killed in The World Trade Center attack , The Bali Bombings , the rise and subsequent brutal regime of the Taliban in Afghanistan , The Barcelona and London subway attacks , The Copenhagen riots over a cartoon caricature of Muhammed , the Fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie , the acceptance of Sharia Law in Britain , The Mumbai attacks , The U.S Embassy in Nairobi attacks , The U.S.S. Cole attack , constant and repeated suicide attacks against Israel , the destruction of priceless Buddhist artifacts in Afghanistan , repeated racist riots in Greece and France and the drumbeat continues ever incessantly.

All of these heinous acts were perpetrated by the radical militant Jihadist Islamics in the name of advancing their religion , culture and civilization to a dominant position in the world. All of these actions coupled with their fanaticism and willingness to die and take as many Christians , Jews , Hindus , Buddhists and other " infidels " with them begs a rather obvious question. Who has Queen Isabella's jewels? It is time for the Moslems , ALL Moslems , to leave Christian , Jewish , Hindu , Buddhist and all other " infidel " lands.

Why is it that we can spend trillions of American dollars , spill an untold amount of American blood liberating Muslim lands only to have them spit in our face yet it's too expensive to simply round them all up give them a parachute fly them over Egypt or Saudi Arabia and invite them to jump. As far as I'm concerned not one more dollar should be spent on liberating their lands and certainly not one more drop of American blood should be spilled trying to bring them into the 21st Century. It's time for them to go.

I repeat who has Queen Isabella's jewels? Which Western leader will have the stones to stand up to these barbarians and throw them out of his / her country? I'm betting it will be a woman leader again. Maybe Angela Merkel. She stood up to George Bush and the Chinese. She appears to be a very strong leader. Here's hoping she or somebody will act soon.

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