Friday, October 31, 2008

UK:Muslims Lose bid to Stop Supermarket From Selling Alcohol

The good news keeps on rolling in today as this is the second story about Muslims getting told no to their demands in the UK.(Just scroll down for the second one.) As common sense is slowly taking place over catering to Islam. This is an update to this story in which Muslims had petitioned to try and stop a Tesco Supermarket from selling any alcohol at all. The whole idea was very selfish if you ask me. I do not smoke, but I am not looking to stop stores from selling tobacco products. If someone needs to live under Islamic rules, they might be happier in an Islamic country. Two cheers to the UK today.

Thanks to Joan from the UK.

Protestors lose Bury Park booze battle

31 October 2008
By Sally-Anne Johnson

Tesco Express given permission to sell alcohol

High street giant Tesco has been given a licence to sell alcohol at its new Express store in Bury Park, Luton, despite strong objections from Muslims living nearby. Some residents were worried about the prospect of alcohol being sold at the Dunstable Road store, which is due to open in November and will be near the Rabia Islamic boys' school.

More than 150 people signed petitions opposing the supermarket giant's bid, complaining it would mean an increase in anti-social behaviour, litter and vandalism, and would divide the community.

But members of Luton Borough Council's licensing panel gave the application the green light at a meeting at the Town Hall on Tuesday morning. The store will be able to sell alcohol from 6am until 11pm, seven days a week.

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Anonymous said...

GOOD!!!!!!! id

Anonymous said...

Britain will not give up selling or buying Alcohol, Muslims who own corner shops now this as they sell it often enough.

This area is untouchable as well the hypocrites of Islam now only too well.


David Ben-Ariel said...

It's great that subversive Nazi Muslims don't always get their way in our Western countries, that their attempts to convert our countries to Islam by stealth sometimes backfires and often leads offended "infidels" to rise up against this assault on our heritage and put it in check.

We must further expose and condemn radical Islam's agenda as often as possible, giving it no reprieve, until it finds it has no home here and been driven out by intolerable facts.

UK:Muslims Lose bid to Stop Supermarket From Selling Alcohol

UK:Muslim who Sued Supermarket Because he had to Handle Alcohol Loses Suit

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eloivsdiablo said...

We all know where this ends, muslims will resort to a campaign of vandalism and terrorism and force the supermarket to relocate...

Christopher Logan said...

As soon as Muslims see that they cannot get their way within the law, the violence will start.

cc la femme said...

Hiya Chris!!!

UK Taxi Driver Fined:
Roshanmoniri, of Sandringham Drive, Bramcote, was fined £300 after responding to a summons with a guilty plea. He will have to pay this, along with £150 in legal costs and a £15 victim surcharge

And right here in my Vancouver Canada

Taxi firm settles with blind man refused ride because of guide dog:

Chris Said:
As soon as Muslims see that they cannot get their way within the law, the violence will start.

True. That will be the next stage, which will not intimidate, rather inflame the west even more.

Christopher Logan said...

Hey CC!!
Thanks for those links.

Alcoholism Treatment said...

Maybe Muslims parents are just concern to their children who will get involve into alcoholism. We all know that the alcohol chemical effect creates different imaginations which may later be the result of committing such any crimes.

Thanks a lot David for providing links related to this blog.

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