Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dutch Police Officers Swear Allegiance to Allah

It seems that almost everyday the politically correct Europeans find new ways to cater to Islam. This time the Dutch police department is allowing Muslim police officers to swear in using the Koran, swearing an alliance to Allah. Obviously who ever runs the police department does not know that Islamic laws and the laws of the West contradict one another.

Dutch police in the Gouda region have sworn in police officers who swore allegiance to Allah. The small Christian party SGP has demanded an explanation from the government.

Under current arrangements, police in the Netherlands can choose between the Christian oath ('So help me God Almighty) and the neutral vow ('I declare and promise...'). But it has been revealed that n Gouda, the option has existed for years for Islamic officers to use the oath that runs: 'In the name of Allah, the Merciful Compassionate, and he is my witness that I promise this.' The hand must be placed on the Koran for this.

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Anonymous said...

Holland are more advanced than the UK with their Muslim problem. Rotterdam is to get it's first Muslim mayor soon it is reported.

with Muslim's in such positions of power it will be rough for the ordinary original Dutch people.


Stefcho said...

What did he swear? That he wouldn't behave like "the Prophet", or that he would?

Anonymous said...

Thank you

Christopher Logan said...

Your welcome, I hope that the Northern Party continues their crackdown on Islam.

Anonymous said...

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