Thursday, October 23, 2008

Afghanistan:Man Gets 20 Years in Jail for Insulting Islam

An Afghanistan man has been sentenced to twenty years in jail for "insulting Islam". All for downloading and handing out papers at his university that spoke of women's rights, rights that Islam obviously has a problem with. Actions like this and the Christians of Iraq being under attack are why I am against nation building with Muslims. While our troops should be sent in to take out those that would do harm to America. Nation building with Muslims is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars and we are just creating Islamic countries which limit the freedoms of the non-Muslims living in and visiting these countries.

Sentence of 20 years for insulting Islam
by Laura Jean Karr
Kabul, Afghanistan - Balkh University journalism student Seyyed Perwiz Kambakhsh was arrested a year ago on the grounds of insulting Islam.

Twenty- four year old Seyyed first stated that he downloaded information on women’s rights from an Iranian blogger’s website and distributed the papers to students and teacher’s at the university. After spending the last year in jail waiting for an appeal, Seyyed admitted under torture to being the author of the printed information and he said that his reasoning was to start a discussion on women’s right at the school. The first judgment, sentenced when he was arrested was death.

An addition to Perwiz’s information crime was from printing and distributing a report that stated Muslim fundamentalists used the Koran to justify the oppression of women, which goes against the view of the prophet Mohamed.

Seyyed’s defense attorney, Mohammad Afzal Nourestani stated that "We will appeal to the Supreme Court. During the hearing they did not consider that my client is not the author of the article that it was downloaded from an Iranian site and he had to ask several friends to read it."

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Rabia unees said...

May Allah help Muslim Ummah.

Thorum said...

Good work Christopher!! I posted comments on the story at the newspaper's website. You left good comments!! As for this "rabia unees" who left a comment here, this person is simply best described by Dawkins as suffering from the "God Delusion" and the elitism inherent in Islam.

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks, I was checking out your site the other night. Don't you know that we owe everything to the Islamic world?! lol!!

Laura Jean Karr said...

Nation building with people who are of the Islamic faith is not the problem.

Religious extremism as part of any legal system in any country is the problem, whether it be the faith of Islam, Christianity or any other faith.

Thorum said...

Hi Christopher, I am not very articulate nor as well versed as you regarding Islam, etc. How about giving me help and leaving a comment on rabia unees blog? I left 2 comments but I don't think I am making my point properly on his blog>

Christopher Logan said...

Nation building with Muslims is the problem as there is no separation of Mosque and state under Islam. Islamic countries are not like Western countries, that can easily be seen.

Christopher Logan said...

Check your email.

Anonymous said...

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