Friday, September 26, 2008

Muslims try to Stop UK Supermarket From Selling Alcohol

Muslims are once again offended. This time the offence is a UK supermarket called Tesco who actually has the nerve to want to sell alcohol. It is not enough that the Tesco Supermarket chain already caters to Muslims in a variety of ways. As the chain actually allows Muslim employees to opt-out of handling alcohol when working as a cashier at the supermarket and sells Halal foods to please Muslims. But as ususal it is never enough when it comes to the Islamic community. The one-way street continues.

Hat tip to Joan of Arc of the UK on this story. Thanks mate!!

Muslims try to get alcohol banned at Tesco
Bedford Today, UK September 25 2008
By Sally-Anne Johnson

Petitions handed in as licence hearing looms

More than 150 people have signed petitions imploring Luton Borough Council to deny the new Tesco Express in Bury Park an alcohol licence.

The bid from the supermarket giant has upset Muslims living in the area, some of whom say they find the idea of alcohol being sold offensive.

Next Tuesday councillors will make a decision on the application, which, if successful, would see the store permitted to sell alcohol from 6am until 11pm every day.

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Wayne in USA said...

SURELY you Brits have more 'spine' than to let these barely-tolerable immigrants dictate to YOU what the culture of your country will be! WHY do you tolerate such sheer and utter nonsense!?? If THEY submit 150 petitions, YOU need to submit 550 AGAINST them!! GET BUSY!--preserve YOUR rights! Stop this ridiculous dilution of your own British culture!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to admit...some of us Americans are shaking our heads with disbelief in what is going on with our British friends. I see by many comments that many over there are aware of the growing storm but your polititions seem to be hell-bent on doing nothing to stop the end to your way of life from these religious nutjobs! What gives?? Hopefully in America, we will watch and learn as you are the victim of the Stealth Jihad. I hope this takeover of your country doesn't continue.

Anonymous said...

Ah. England has been buried under a tide of it's own multiculturalist making.

So, what will Britain do?

They'll stop selling alcohol.

Grow a spine, Britain. Your lives quite literally depend on it...

Anonymous said...

England, you are known for your British Pubs! That will be next if you don't stop this nonsense. I have recently rewatched V for Vendatta, something you may want to consider watching because this is exactly what will happen/is happending to your country. Americans love their beer and football, what about you???!!!

Christopher Logan said...

Wayne you read my mind that is exactly what the Brits need to do. Get organized and start protesting.

Anonymous said...

There will be a lot the British will let pass them by, it will not concern them, however, to take away one's alcohol will be different, it will cause riots civil unrest that the majority will win.
The effects of Islamification are felt here in the UK more than in America with our friends over there, as America is so vast Muslims are not the problem they are here.
But beware of the growing numbers within. Or should i say beware of the Enemy within.
Cancer spreads and grows if it is not treated.
Alcohol is not hard to brew, we do not want a prohibition as was seen in the US in earlier times.
We are going back, not forward, Muslims are forcing us back in time.


Anonymous said...


I agree, every war has a trigger.

Alcohol is that trigger.

Sasuke said...

Islam offends me. Maybe I should start a petition to have Muslims removed in my area.

Anonymous said...

I will sign it Islam offends me also.


Anonymous said...

Instead of making a petition for banning Muslims, make one against Quran. If it is against Muslims it will be thrown out immediately but any non-Muslim can claim that he is offended by the verses of the Quran. I wish someone will be brave enough to to take the Quran to the court for its violent verses.

Stijn said...

Curious people:
- Sex with 9 year olds
- Domestic oppression of women
- Violent homophobia
- Terrorist bombings
All things that go without the tiniest bit of protest from the ranks of peers. The selling alcohol, however, to people they don't have to deal with (or know of) at all, in a place free to enter (and free to stay out of), this is what they make an issue out of.

kingperky said...

I am a British man who takes pride in all that our country has achieved throughout history. I live in the town in which this debate has surfaced and I see it as no terrible thing. Perhaps it will be nice to see that religion still maintains power over the capitalism that seems to govern the west, regardless of whether it is the Bible or the Qu'ran. I am saddened daily by the decline of ideals that made Britain great due to the pursuit of money. How community is sacrificed for convenience. I am saddened by the way that Immigration is uncontrolled. But I do not understand how a nation such as the US, whose foundations were built by the hands of Immigrants are able to pass harsh judgement on those wishing to escape from unsafe lands. We are all entitled to live our lives in peace, regardless of whether it is at home or on foreign soil.
"Curious people:
- Sex with 9 year olds
- Domestic oppression of women
- Violent homophobia
- Terrorist bombings"
Look at all those credentials and name one that Christians, Catholics, Jews or any other race are not guilty of?
We are all human. capable of error. capable of mis-judgement. capable of hate.
What we must realise is that there is no difference between a British/American citizen giving their manifesto of how they would govern the world and the Muslim Cleric preaching a message of hate to the world. What seperates us is choice. We must learn that what makes us the most righteous is our morality. Irregardless of religion or law, we treat people in the way we know is right.
"England, you are known for your British Pubs! That will be next if you don't stop this nonsense."
Firstly, Bury Park is an ethnic majority area, so it will be no loss to British citizens. There wasn't alcohol sold there before and when this store opens there still won't be. It is a pointless argument. Furthermore wouldn't logic define that removing a vendor of alcohol from an area would actually encourage people to return to Pubs and Bars.
It is a simple thing to pass judgement on something you don't understand.
If all you take from this is a judgement of me remember:

Knowledge is Power - Sir Francis Bacon

Christopher Logan said...

You are either a Muslim playing games or you do not understand what is going on.

1.You should educate yourself on Islam because non-Muslims living under Islamic rule are treated as second class citizens.

2.Muslims deserve all the harsh judgement they get. As it is clear that they do not come here to escape the Middle East. They come here to bring the Middle East to us.

3.We are all entitled to live with out Muslims imposing Islam on us.

4.There is a huge difference on how a American/Brit would govern the world then an Islamic preacher of hate. Like I said please educate yourself on Islam.

5.No one said Christians have never done these things.
Sex with 9 year olds
- Domestic oppression of women

But when an ideology/religion says that these acts are OK, obviously more people will commit these acts.
Should the UK change its laws to allow sex with 9 year olds? Is that what you are saying?

6.It it not a pointless argument whether or not liquor will be sold at that store. The store should not be forced to do anything because of some one else's religion.
Obviously non-Muslims who will shop there and what they want mean nothing to you. Caving into the demands of Muslims will just lead to more demands. Pakistan is proof of that. They were given their own country and they are still not happy. Think long term here.

7.All the people who are speaking out against Islam clearly understand what Islam is about.

I will put this as nicely as possible. Knowledge is power and I suggest you get some.

Either that or you are a Muslim posing as a Brit looking to get more Brits to follow your agenda.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of British people do not want to live under Islamic rule. The point is not if it is a good or bad thing, but that Tesco is having to possibly cave in to yet more Muslim demands.
The old British saying springs to mind,
"give them an inch and they will take a yard"
anyone that has lived in Britain before 1971 and the metric system came in will know this saying or remember it from memory as i do.


Anonymous said...

The point is, Muslims are not looking to live their lives in peace in the UK I live also in that same town and I believe the ways and rights of the British are being eaten up by Islam. Tesco is just a small example of how Muslims dictate to us and the shops in the area how we should live and what we should do.
The fact is Christians if they decide to live on Muslim soil have to respect the Muslim laws, not try to take over. That is what it is all about, not fitting in but taking over.

kingperky said...

I am not a Muslim. I am a British through and through. But Christopher, I do not understand why tolerance is seen as weakness? I have never sought to bring trouble to a muslim and they have never done anything to trouble me. I do not live under Islamic rule and never have felt so. I shop for Christmas. I buy easter eggs for my family and friends. I enjoy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Regardless of the P.C police that dictate what is right or wrong, on a personal level they can change nothing within a family or a social group.
I am certainly not condoling sex with a minor, but these are the issues that apply to minorities. Unfortunately, it is the minority that create an image of the majority. The media never report that muslims are living contently with British citizens. They set out to shock and fear-monger for the purpose of Money. I would love to have the strength of faith that the Muslim people have, as we in the West have lost sight of that which we used to believe. Faith has been replaced by Finance.
Your arguing that intoxicating drinks are being taken away from a nation on the verge of social collapse because of alcohol-fuelled violence.

"It it not a pointless argument whether or not liquor will be sold at that store. The store should not be forced to do anything because of some one else's religion."

A local Sainsbury's was denied the right to open on Sundays as it was opposite a methodist church. No complaint was made.
I have read the Qu'ran, as I felt it unfair for me to judge something I knew so little about. Islam is not an evil religion, it is simply the interpretations of the book that create trouble. That is nothing to do with the religion, but the minds of the individual. Just as it is with everyday citizens committing crime. When 7/7 happened in London, the perpetrators made no effort to evacuate Muslims prior to the bombings. They were not acting in the name of God. They were twisting religion to justify their actions. We as Christians have risen above that and shouldn't we be proud to be the ones taking the moral high ground?

"We are all entitled to live with out Muslims imposing Islam on us"

I have never felt imposed by Islam. why also are no comments made about Hindu's or Sikh's? they have customs in Britain that we consider unorthodox but we accept it.
Are muslims not entitled to live without American society policing them? Their world is our world. they have as much right to exist in any part of the world as we do. unfortunately for them, they were born into unfair circumstances.
Muslims live on British soil and if they do not respect the laws of Britain they face British Justice. Justice is something I believe in. Just as much as I believe in hope. perhaps you all should try believing too.

Christopher Logan said...

1.Of course the tolerating the intolerance of Islam is weakness. Islam walks all over all other religions and cultures. All cultures are not equal.

2.Your country does not live under Islamic rule YET. That is clearly their goal and the more that come there, the harder the fight will be. You are not thinking long term here.

3.You saying that the pedophilia issue applies to the minority does not excuse that Islam allows pedophilia. Should the UK make it legal to please them?

4.Do not even begin to say that this is media started issue. I know and have spoken to hundreds of Brits. 99% of them see the problem with Islam in the UK.

5.Since you are so impressed with Muslims, just go convert already.
No one has the right to tell others if they can drink alcohol of not. Christians fast, Jews do not eat pork. Do you see them telling others to do the same?

6.So because they have not imposed on you, that is supposed to make all the other imposing and changes they are making in the UK OK? You are very self centered as you have no concern for the rest of the non-Muslim population there.

7.Hindu's or Sikh's are not walking around threatening the country nor are they looking to impose a set of barbaric laws on the land. Once again, all is not equal.

8.Yes the should be policed as they are constantly planning terror attacks and are looking for ways to change our countries to suit their religion.

9.Their world is not our world. Proof of that is the little freedom of religion that non-Muslims have in Islamic countries. You obviously cannot see the differences in cultures.

10.They were born under circumstances caused by Islam. There are plenty of people across the world who were born under bad circumstances. But they do not go around threatening the world or trying to impose a Sharia law on everyone else. Please save the much overplayed, the Muslims are the victims card.

11.They do not face British justice unless they are caught in a terror plot. They now have their own courts there and the UK police do not even want to go into the Muslim neighbourhoods there.

12.I believe in facts and the facts are that Muslims immigration is slowly destroying the West and Muslims are clearly looking to change the West to suit Islam. Your wishful thinking and intentional blindness to the problem does not make it go away.
This is not a Islamic apologist site. If you do not want to stand up to Islam that is your business. I will continue to speak out and continue to encourage others to do the same. I will not go around in circles with you.
Good luck.

Christopher Logan said...

Perky said,
I have read the Qu'ran, as I felt it unfair for me to judge something I knew so little about. Islam is not an evil religion, it is simply the interpretations of the book that create trouble.

Islam is a religion that calls for the death of dominance of non-Muslims. These verses are very easy to understand.

Sasuke said...

According to KingPerky:
"It it not a pointless argument whether or not liquor will be sold at that store. The store should not be forced to do anything because of some one else's religion."

A local Sainsbury's was denied the right to open on Sundays as it was opposite a methodist church. No complaint was made.

First of all I believe that people should have complained about the Sunday crap just like we are complaining here. That aside, you should understand that on Sundays, there are people with kids who attend church. Take for example how certain cities in the United States won't give an alcohol permit for liquor stores that open at a close proximity to schools. It's not a religious reason behind the city or county's actions and if it is, then people should complain. The article here doesn't mention schools or Friday cermons for muslims. It's a simple muslim complaint regarding alcohol because handling or selling the "evil" product goes against their religious beliefs and the spineless Brits have acquiesced to the demands. I hope you enjoy living under the shari3a laws of your future muslim overlords.

kingperky said...

I would like to say that I hope that one day you will all understand what I have been trying to say but unfortunately that is never going to happen. You are judging that Islam is going to destroy Britain to avoid confronting the fact that you are living in a country that is destroying itself.
Who can you blame then?

I'll keep an eye out for those Muslim overlords.
I'm sure I'll notice them. they'll be the ones riding on the carriages made from dead babies skulls.

Turn off the TV and go out and meet people who are different from you. you might just be surprised.
Good Luck.
Rule Brittainia.

sasuke said...

"Turn off the TV and go out and meet people who are different from you. "

Hahahaah. You are telling this to a guy who lived the first 17 years of his life in Lebanon and has seen first hand what Islam can do. Also please remember that Lebanon has the moderate sunnis compared to a few other places like Saudi Arabia and Sudan.
I don't watch any news on TV other than the Daily Show with John Stewart. You have been warned by Lebanese, Indians and the likes of Ayan Hirsi (*spelling), but you would rather make those sarcastic comments of yours.

You didn't make any mention of saving Britain in your previous posts. All you did was praise religion in general and Islam in particular over capitalism. Then you accused judaism and catholicism of being associated with bad deeds. Unlike you, I have my priorities straight. I don't see christianity making a come back a la Spanish Inquisition. You want to treat all religions equally. Maybe you should go to an Islamic country and see how different people are not treated equally, or better yet, use wikepedia to read about women rights in Saudi Arabia.

Infidel Capitalistic Pig

kingperky said...

I understand the power of Islam and make no apologies for my comments. But I also know the Power of Great Britain. Everything we have achieved. Everything we have come through. I can allow myself to grant Muslim people a chance, because if they doprove me wrong, I know that Britain will retaliate with such a hellstorm that they will think Allah himself is shitting on them from the heavens.
That is why I can grant them a chance.
You say that you lived in Lebanon for 17 years and have seen what Islam can do. I have lived in Britain for 20 years and have never felt oppressed by the Islamic faith. Therefore what right have you to tell me my opinions are wrong? You make your judgements based on your life experience and I do the same with mine.
I don't believe in saving Britain. I do not believe Britain needs to be saved.
I praise peoples faith, not their religion. I do not believe in organised religion. I believe it is a complicated system of control. But I believe in something higher than myself. When I see the beauty in the world, when I look at my Partner with nothing but love, when I hear/see/smell/touch/taste the things that Humanity has created. That to me, is faith.

"You want to treat all religions equally. Maybe you should go to an Islamic country and see how different people are not treated equally"

Why does that justify us doing the same thing? Gandhi once wrote "An eye for an eye leaves us all blind" and i believe wiser words have never been spoken.
On a seperate issue, I have spoken to several people on this site and although I do not agree with them, I respect that they have maintained a level of mutual respect when debating. For you to call me a Infidel Capitalist Pig however is simply aggressive and childish. I pity you for having to resort to name-calling. So if you wish to talk to someone, treat them with the same respect you would expect for yourself.
Manners. Something Britain will never give up.
Rule Brittania.

sasuke said...

The infidel capitalistic pig was my signature and wasn't intended for you. The reason I put it there is that I feel that you don't think very highly of capitalism, which comes behind faith according to you. Faith for you seems to be too important no matter where it comes from. Many European countries, including Britain, are worse off for having muslims in their countries. Your experience with muslims, who make up a much smaller percentage in Britain, is inisignifcant compared to mine. Either way, I only mentioned my experience as a response to your "turn off your tv" comment. It was only your assumption about me that prompted me to answer you this way. Good luck to you with your christian/ghandi/multiculturual ideology of weakness. Why would anyone give a chance to someone who is trying to take your right to sell alcohol because of his religious faith?

Anonymous said...

It is not about giving anyone a fair chance, it is about domination and take over.


Sasuke said...

You are absolutely right Joan, but the apologists don't see it that way, even if you mention the many countries that went through these experiences before. So you have to play the game in their court and use their logic. They want to give every faith a fair chance, even when it comes at the expense of someone providing goods and services for a profit. So be it. Capitalism, which is my religion, trumps all. From now on, every time something you enjoy is being attacked, just call it your religion, go and register it if you have to and then stop everyone from hating on it, because it's your "faith", and it shouldn't be questioned. And if those who object say that your ideas are unreasonable, just flip the history books and point at the actions of the crusaders or that the old testament condones slavery and that you should get to implement your cooky ideas of banning this and that.

Anonymous said...

The apologists, commies and liberal left will be in for a shock one day soon.
History has taught us all well, and it says that no evil will go away on it's own, not until it is made to go away.
Our way of life or the Muslim way, no give and take, it's an attempted take over job. They teach their children to hate and train up little suicide bombers,if we ignore this, it will be at our peril.


kingperky said...

My apologies sasuke for misreading your previous comment. I do not favour faith over capitalism. I am simply saddened by what we have lost through the pursuit of profit. Communities have been sacrificed as Corporations take over. Town centres, places of activity and congregation, wither and die as they are replaced by one stop shops in city outskirts. I unfortunately work at one such place and hate the imitation of trust that they give to the public. I have seen someone put a cake (that had fallen upside down on an unclean floor) put back on sale because if wasted, it would look bad on the departments budget. Perhaps that is why I don't see this issue as negative, because it would be nice to see a company like Tesco have to sacrifice something for once.
I appreciate your opinions on this point however sasuke, as you have offered a better debate than simply "because they wanna blow up everything" which is something I have encountered from many people. A voice of experience is a welcome change of pace

Anonymous said...

correction pinkey and perkey, Muslims Did blow up, a few bits and pieces, to the cheers of the very large Muslim fan club.


Christopher Logan said...

Do most of the Brits that you know regard Islam and Muslim immigration as a serious problem there?

Anonymous said...

There was a newspaper survey done a few months ago, and 78% felt that uncontrolled immigration was their no 1 concern, when asked for their reasons they mostly all linked the question as to why with the terror threat answer.
It was conducted by the guardian newspaper.


Christopher Logan said...

Like here the citizens are more aware of the damage mass immigration is causing then our elected officials.

kingperky said...

Now that I do agree. I think that the government distances itself from the masses and assumes that all is well. Unfortunately, their isn't a lot of racial tension in Upper Class London.

Christopher Logan said...

Well our leaders always know better then us should know that.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why some people from america sending negative posts and are stirring up. Many muslims shop at Tesco,Im muslim even i shop at tesco,sometimes before i hit the club i buy a bottle of Jack daniel and bottle of coke cuz it woks out cheaper. My point is some areas in UK and America u will get foreign cultures gathered up to make there own local alochol maybe not required in that particular area. So to the people who are sending negative posts,if u dont have clue, Stick a sock in it!!

Christopher Logan said...

The store has every right to sell what they want and people are sick of Muslims telling them what to do.
Just like you coming here and telling people to shut up.

Here is a clue for you. We do not want Islamic culture in our countries.

Anonymous said...

No, you stick a sock in it, we do not want Sharia Law here, we do not wnt Halal meat here, we do not want Mosques here, and if you don't like what OUR shops sell then you know where the door is. You won't be missed.

Bye Bye


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Joan, he should stick a Turkey Twizzler in it.It is like saying the area if full of weightwatchers members so they don't need a sweet shop.
Tesco is a British store and therefore should sell what the British buy.

drug treatment center said...

The important thing is everyone should have mutual respect with each other. About the issue on alcohol, take in mind that it also has bad effects to the body even if it is consumed in moderation.

Anonymous said...

Kingperky said that :
"I do not live under Islamic rule and never have felt so".
Well, you might be surprised to discover that you ALREADY DO! Our traitorous government set up FIVE Sharia courts in this country, in secret and without consultation. The stated aim is never to contradict UK law. Just how long do you think that will last?
Tolerance, Kingperky, is a ONE-WAY STREET when you are dealing with Islam.

-John Leyden

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, we need to pay some respect to the French. They have tolerated this BS far less than here in the UK. Here in the UK Muslim workers are allowed special privileges to pray in work, and sometimes have special space set aside. The UK has lost it, don't take this minor legal victory as significant. Take a walk through Birmingham UK, it is a joke, like I imagine Iran was in in 1930.

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Anonymous said...

FUCKING al Qaeda

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